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The Most Affordable Pool Plaster Companies | Webster, TX

Webster, TX pool plaster companies

Remodel your pool today by calling JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, Ltd., one of the best Webster, TX pool plaster companies!

Are you on the hunt for excellent Webster, TX pool plaster companies? Look no further than JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd.!

Our pool plaster company can handle all of your swimming pool needs, from minor repairs to full on renovations! We service swimming pools in the greater Houston area. Our high-quality pool services help pool owners get the most out of their pool, especially in these hot summer days.

We have over 40 years of experience in pool repair, proudly serving our local communities in Webster, TX. So don’t hesitate to call us or drop by our office! We’d be thrilled to help you create the pool of your dreams.

One of the Best Webster, TX Pool Plaster Companies

It’s summertime again, and the living is…well, not so easy. While the green leaves of summer may be flourishing, hot, oppressive days means even more hotter, oppressive humidity.

In these times, it’s great to have a private swimming pool in our outdoor living area to beat out the summer heat. What can be more pleasant than taking a swim in the beautiful, aquamarine depths of your swimming pool? Or basking in a chaise lounge with your kin as children or pets play?

Moreover, pools can add tremendous value to your property. Thus, it’s a great idea to get the most of our pool when it’s most needed, at the apex of summer.

But like all things, pools break down and decay over time and with frequent use. Some of these signs can be particularly grisly and worrisome. You can have algae or bacteria growing in the surface of your pool, ugly scum rings around the waterline. You can even have a mosquito nest lurking and buzzing around for a fleshy feast.

Moreover, the tile or coping of your pool may become chipped or broken, causing a safety hazard. Or perhaps the plastering of your pool surface has become discolored and needs a touch up.

These problems can make your pool a danger zone more than an oasis. Children, pets, and the elderly can get sick from the germs in the pool and even walking around the pool area can burn your skin if your coping is broken up. As a result, you could be facing a pool-less summer, with no way out to escape from the ubiquitous Texas heat.

Whatever your pool needs, we can help. JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. can not only refinish your pool so that your plastering looks good as new, it also offers a host of other pool-related services, such as pool construction and pool design, including installing neat fire and water features.

As one of the most reliable Webster, TX pool plaster companies, we work closely with you so that you can get the results you require. So get an estimate today and a design consultation by calling us!

Webster, TX pool plaster companies

Let us refine your pool so you can properly relax!

Explore Our Pool Plastering Services

At JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd., we offer extensive plastering services for your pool. If you haven’t been keeping up with the chlorine levels of your pool, your pool’s chemistry may become unbalanced.

As a result, that can affect your pool’s plastering, making it discolored and outdated. Even worse, it can put your pool at risk of cracking or leaking! Moreover, the pool’s surface could become rough, causing scrapes and bleeding feet.

One easy way to clean the plaster is through an acid wash. However, if that doesn’t work, then refinishing your pool is the way to go. (We recommend completing this process every ten to fifteen years at the most).

Traditional white plaster, called marcite, is the most common pool finish. However, it only has a shelf life of eight years. Thus, you may wish to look for more durable, polished, and premium pebbled options from the Wet Edge products line. We highly recommend Altima or Luna Quartz from the line, which have formulas for improved durability and longevity.

In addition, if your pool is a saltwater pool or with concrete, shotcrete, or gunite shell, you are at an increased risk of running into this problem in the future if you haven’t already. So contact us now if it’s time to refinish your pool!

Our Other Services

Another possible problem you could be facing with your pool is its coping. Coping is the tile or stone that lines the inside and outside edge of the pool. There are tremendous benefits to coping, including disguising ugly, unsightly scum rings.

In addition, it can protect the concrete pool shell from cracking due to weather conditions. Moreover, coping can protect the skin from burning when walking around the pool area.

Coping can also greatly improve your aesthetics, adding lovely earthy or colorful stone accents. JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. can fix your coping and give it a flair to bring your pool to vibrant life!

Speaking of aesthetics, we also offer many remodeling services, ranging from patching cracks and fixing leaks to installing beautiful water and fire features, even a built-in planter.

For instance, we can include a beautiful waterfall or gushing fountain, even a koi or mirror pond. In addition, we can install your very own spa, above or below ground, connected to the pool or completely separate. For fire features, we offer blazing fireplaces and elevated cracked fire bowls for a powerful, earthy, and dramatic look. The possibilities are endless!

Webster, TX pool plaster companies

Allow JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. to help your pool look more appealing.

Call Us Today!

No matter the state of your pool, JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. has the tools and pool equipment to ensure your pool is in tip-top shape for summer fun. We offer pool finishing, repair, remodel, and construction services to our communities in Houston, TX and its surroundings.

We operate our business with the highest principles of honesty, integrity, and efficiency. Together we can make sure your pool is beautiful, clean, safe, and functional once more.

So don’t hesitate until your pool is in shambles1 Contact us today! You can count on us as one of the most trusted Webster, TX pool plaster companies.

Fun Facts About Webster, TX

  • James W. Webster founded it in 1879.
  • It was incorporated in 1958.
  • It was once known as Gardentown.

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