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Houston TX Pool Refurbishment

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Houston TX Pool Refurbishment

If you want a Houston TX pool refurbishment, then contact JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. Our pool remodeling services are capable of updating your existing pool. The Greater Houston area is a great place to have a pool. The summers make it a great time to escape to the backyard and relax in the oasis that should be your pool.

Houston TX Pool Refurbishment

Fountains are just one type of water feature we can add to your pool.

Unfortunately, the age of your pool or the constant exposure to the outside world can cause your pool to lose its vacation setting. If that is the case, then you should consider getting swimming pool renovations. JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. offer a slew of pool features and upgrades.

Our team provides high-quality services to Houston pool owners. From pool resurfacing to complete redesigns, our business is capable of giving you the pool of your dreams. Call today to talk to our renovation experts and find the renovation features you want.

The customer service you will find at JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. is dedicated to your needs. They will address any questions or concerns you may have with your pool remodeling. In general, they will do a great job talking to you about your Houston TX pool refurbishment.

Reasons for Houston TX Pool Refurbishment

You may not be completely sold on a pool remodel. After all, your pool may satisfy your wants and needs. Well, there are a handful of features to look for in a pool. If your pool has any of the following problems, then it may be in your best interest to renovate.


The age of your pool will greatly determine if it needs a remodel. Old pools without any updates could house poor-quality materials. In these cases, they should be updated with greater materials. Plus, your pool pump could have problems associated with fuel or energy consumption.

Older pumps consume a lot of energy. Newer models are designed to save you money. Certain models will use solar panels to power themselves. If you do upgrade your pump, then you can expect up to a 75% decrease in energy consumption.


As aforementioned, your pool will stand against a variety of ailments such as chemicals, weather, animals, and more. As these factors affect your pool, you can expect your pool to sustain some kind of damage.

The pool deck could crack, or the foundation of the pool could even crack. In these cases, you should expect problems with maintaining the health of the pool. In addition, some of these problems raise safety issues.

Lack of Safety

Houston TX Pool Refurbishment

Our team can improve the look of your pool in a number of ways.

Speaking of safety, it is crucial your pool is safe for your family members and any children that may interact with the pool. Pools are extremely dangerous for children between the ages of 1 and 4. They are at a higher risk of fatal and nonfatal drowning. A pool can add features that would improve the safety of the pool.

Money Consumption

If your pool is consuming a lot of money to maintain it, then it could use a remodel. Outdated pools will require more money to maintain than a healthy pool. Instead of pouring your money into the money pit that is your pool, pour it into a newly renovated pool.

Features of Your New Pool

JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. can add a variety of pool features to your newly renovated pool. One benefit of a remodeled pool is its design process. You are welcome and encouraged to customize your pool as much as possible.

Our design experts will work with you to include as many of the features as you want. Below, you can find just a few of the pool features we can include for you.


There are several waterfall types you can choose from. These additions to your pool can improve the look and feel of your pool. Depending on your choice of a waterfall, they are capable of adding a romantic undertone to the pool area.

There are also waterfall types called sheer water walls where the water trickles down the side of the wall. These features are modern and sophisticated. Plus, they are a great subtle addition to your pool.


Houston TX Pool Refurbishment

Spas can be attached to your pool or completely separate.

Do you want a spa or a hot tub? JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. can develop a spillover spa alongside your pool too. Spillover spas are connected within the pool’s water system.

We can develop a waterfall from the pool, spilling into the spa, or connect them where there is a curtain of bubbles keeping the heat within the spa. Regardless, spas are a relaxing addition to any pool. Parents can relax in the spa while the children are playing in the pool.

Tanning Ledge

Tanning ledges are a good safety feature for toddlers or perfect for relaxation. The tanning ledge will be on the edge of a pool with only about six inches of water covering it. This feature is a great option for when a toddler wants to play in the pool or if you just want to dip your toe in while relaxing in the sun.

Benches and Tables

If you want to include benches or tables in your pool, that that is not a problem. We can provide you with sitting areas in your pool with jets within the bench. You can enjoy the hydrotherapy jets while you bask in the sun and water. This is a great option for those who frequently host pool parties.

Discover the Best Pool Refurbishment Today!

The features listed above are only a small sample of what JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. can do for your pool. If you are experiencing any problems with your pool that would be fixed during a renovation, then consider our services. Our customer service team will provide you with the estimate you are needing.

Call JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. today at (713) 729-5014. You may also visit the Houston location page to learn more about what other water features and pool services we offer. Once you see what we can do, you will choose us for your Houston TX pool refurbishment.

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