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Pearland TX Pool Remodeling

June 1st, 2020 by

Are you planning to invest in a Pearland TX pool remodeling project? Have your wants and needs changed since you first built your pool? Did you recently move into a house with a pool that doesn’t suit your needs? Or maybe it’s just plain ugly?

Whatever remodeling you are interested in doing, JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. is the contractor to trust. Call our office at (713) 729-5014 with any questions you have about our Pearland TX service options.

Pearland TX Pool Remodeling

Our wants and needs often change over time. Have your pool-related wants and needs changed since last investing in your pool, spa, deck, or its related landscaping?

JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. has over 20 years of experience remodeling pools in Pearland and the surrounding areas. Let us help you transform your backyard investment into your dream pool and personal oasis.

Remodeling Needs

Do you need to make your pool accommodating to a person with disabilities, someone who is Deaf, children, or pets? At JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd., we understand how important it is for pools to be functional, beautiful, and safe.

Added Pool Features

Has your style or pool-related wants changed with time? Did you recently purchase a house in the Pearland area with an outdated or ugly pool? Upgrading your equipment and pool design is the solution. You can even add fire or water features, updated landscaping, or a spa during the remodeling process.

Fire Features

Fire features come in one of two forms – bowls or boxes.

Houston TX pool remodeling

Combine fire and water features for a unique and powerful look!

A powerful choice of accent along the surfaces surrounding your pool is the fire bowl. They are particularly magnificent when elevated or framing another feature such as a waterfall or spa. They can also be a great addition to most outdoor seating areas. Furthermore, they can be combined with water features for even more personalized flair.

Fire boxes offer a dramatic accent for ledges and walls around your pool or outdoor seating area. These boxes can be placed inside the structure or sit on top of it. When placed inside of a wall, it is referred to as a fire wall. They can also be encased in a glass box for increased durability and safety. Again, this fire feature can be combined with a water feature.

One particularly incredible example is to have a fire-place like fire wall in your seating area with a water wall flowing behind it. This combination creates a warm and peaceful ambiance for you and your guests.


While they look graceful and stunning when combined with fire features, waterfalls are versatile and beautiful when featured alone or alongside other water features.

Besides waterfalls combined with fire features, 2 of the most common waterfalls are perimeter overflow edges on spas and cascading waterfalls. Cascading waterfalls flow through landscaped areas like rock walls. Perimeter waterfalls can form infinity edges, perimeter overflow waterfall-like edges, cascading waterfalls through different rock or stone backsplashes, water walls, and so much more.

Waterfalls are versatile both in and away from pool areas. We can add water features anywhere in your outdoor area. Line your deck with a riverbed-like stream featuring a pebbled surface and a waterfall at its start. Add 3 or more small waterfalls in an asymmetrical pattern on a wall in a modern style garden. The possibilities are endless.


Pearland TX pool remodeling

Consider adding fountains and other fun water features in your Pearland TX pool remodeling project!

From spouting fountains to entertain the kids to a bubbling birdbath, fountains can be added anywhere you can imagine. Fountains are a popular addition to pool perimeters and are commonly found framing waterfalls, fire features, and spas. We highly recommend their addition to more unique places.

Take spouting fountains, for example. Line the stone steps leading to your pool, home, or seating area with spouting fountains that jump along beside you. Add them near the shallow kid’s play area for endless fun and entertainment. You can even add them to your koi pond!


2 of the most common types of ponds are mirror ponds and fish ponds. The most common type of fish pond is a koi pond. We highly recommend the addition of bubbling or spouting fountains to your fish pond. We especially recommend considering the addition of Japanese fountains to your koi pond.

Most ponds can be built in-ground or above-ground in a way similar to that of a spa.


Pearland TX pool remodeling

Choose the shape, placement, and amenities of your spa.

The shape, placement, and amenities of your spa are completely customizable to you and your pool’s shape. Complement the gentle curves of your round, kidney, or freeform pool with a round or custom spa. Or, complement the modern style with a square or rectangular spa that continues your clean, flowing lines.

After choosing the shape and placement of your spa, you can choose from a broad range of amenities. Choose from options, including color-changing lights, relaxing massage jets, fountains, waterfalls, and more!


Once you have upgraded and remodeled your pool, deck, and seating areas, make sure to consider if your landscaping also fits your vision. Is your freeform oasis missing its palm trees? We can add a planter in the curve of your pool to finish your pool’s perfect look.

If you want to add greenery or other colored accents closer to your pool’s edge, we can help you do so in style. We can also add water features or fire features anywhere you can imagine!

Add dramatic fire bowls or boxes in your seating area. Add quietly flowing fountains throughout your garden. Consider building a splash and play area for kids or pets.

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Make JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. the contractor you trust for all of your Pearland TX pool remodeling needs!

Pearland TX Fun Facts

  1. The city of Pearland stretches across 3 counties – Brazoria, Harris, and Fort Bend.
  2. Pearland has not always been called Pearland. It was previously known as Mark Belt.
  3. The residents of this city have always grown many fruit trees with ease, earning the city the nickname “Agricultural Eden.”
  4. For more interesting information about Pearland TX, look here!

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