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If you are unhappy with your pool’s current configuration, call JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite to discuss your renovation options with our local experts. We can make repairs, additions, major changes, extend your pool, or even change your pool’s shape!
Rebar is incredibly important when making additions with gunite because it provides the unique shape your pool element will take on. It then supports the gunite and ensures that your addition holds its shape and remains durable for years to come.
Let us help you bring your perfect pool vision to life! What needs to change? No job is too big or too small for JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite, we can help with anything from a minor repair to a full renovation. Three common renovations we make are the addition of a spa or tanning ledge or the extension of a pool. When using gunite, these renovations require a similar construction process to building a gunite pool shell from scratch. This construction process begins with clearing the area your renovation will take up. This can require excavation or simple cleaning. Next, a wooden framework is established to mark the perimeter of the structure we will be adding. After this, a concrete base will be poured to give the structure added stability. Once the concrete is set, steel rebar is laid out like a grid and the structure will begin to take shape.
More rebar is then added to make this grid look like a cage. This now 3D structure will form the shape of your addition. Finally, gunite is sprayed onto the rebar to form the shell of your new addition. After the gunite is sprayed it will be left to cure for several days and then you will be given instructions on how soon you can refill your pool, add chemicals, turn your heater back on, or swim in your newly renovated pool.
This process can be used to make any addition or renovation you want. We can add a custom spa, custom built-in planter, tanning ledge, water feature, or fire feature. We can even widen a tanning ledge and add spouting fountains to make a splash zone for young kids. At JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite, we believe your pool should be fun and safe for everyone in your life. If you have young children, Deaf or disabled loved ones, or pets who want to be able to use your pool more safely, call our team of experts and discuss your needs today. We can make the accommodating changes you need and ensure the stability and durability of any and all additions and changes made with rebar. Call (713) 729-5014 today for more information!

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