3 Reasons to Protect Your Houston Pool with Coping

June 28th, 2018

Take a look at any swimming pool; what do you notice? Crystal blue water? Hot patios? Diving boards?

One component often overlooked but arguably one of the most essential is pool coping. This is the material that caps the exterior. Often, it is neutral in color, making it easy to miss; however, there are at least three reasons why it’s a crucial component.

3 Reasons to Protect Your Houston Pool with Coping

Do You Know the 3 Reasons to Protect Your Houston Pool with Coping?

This protective border is installed in a few different ways. Bullnose is one method where the concrete is poured up to the edge of the swimming pit, leaving a rounded edge.  Another option is called cantilever-edge. The method is probably the most common as it mounts to the side and overhangs the water.

When you are ready to update or repair the surrounding border, it pays to call in the experts at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, Ltd. We ensure a fabulous finish within your budget.

3 Benefits of Pool Coping

It is easy to overlook the need for pool coping. You head to the water for relaxation and cooling down, not necessarily to study the components. However, understanding the advantages can help you make renovation and remodeling decisions easier. Here are three reasons for you to consider:

  1. Enhance Visual Appeal—The first benefit of pool coping is possibly the most overlooked. The border provides a beautiful, clean look. Some materials are muted and aesthetically blended into the surroundings. If you want to enhance the color of the water, choose contrasting hues such as bright blues and greens.
  2. Increase Safety—Hot summer days can scorch the deck. Save bare feet from burning with cooling materials like travertine. Also, with water splashing all around, walking becomes dangerous. A non-slip border allows everyone to enjoy water fun and stay safe.
  3. Secure the Foundation—It is important to create a sealant for your retreat by securing the foundation to prevent leaks and cracks. This prevents water from seeping behind the outer shell. It also works in tandem with tiles to help keep your swimming area clean and avoid contamination.

Now that you have considered the benefits designing the replacement is next and undeniably more fun. There are various types of finishes, from drop-down face and square edge to bullnose and tumbled edge. If you know what you want, you can create it with the right help.

3 Reasons to Protect Your Houston Pool with Coping

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