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Cinco Ranch TX Pool Plaster Repair

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Cinco Ranch TX Pool Plaster Repair

Looking for Cinco Ranch TX pool plaster repair in your area? Then you should trust JR Pool Plastering, your number #1 Houston Area pool remodeler, to trust with your pool design. JR Pool Plastering provides quality pool repair services that their competitors struggle to match.

So, pool owners, don’t you think you should consider the premiere pool repair experts in southeast Texas?

Cinco Ranch TX pool plaster repair

Call JR Pools the best Texas pool renovation company.

Our employees are standing by waiting for a call from you! So please give us a call so we can begin discussing your pool remodel today.

Looking to remodel?

Of course, if everyone’s house is their castle, then the backyard is the lord or lady’s kingdom. And, of course, no one wants their kingdom to look like the early 90s Eastern block European countries after the collapse of the USSR.

That’s what we do; we breathe life back into your dilapidated and sad pools existence. Cause let’s face it, you could power wash the deck of your pool for the fifteenth time this summer, or you could bite the bullet and accept that you could acid wash the surface of your pool, and it’d still be stained. Cinco Ranch TX pool plaster repair

Pool builders aren’t known for building pools that stand the test of time. This is why JR Pool Plastering exists to correct the mistakes of other builders, remodel pools past their expiration date, and add on the additions to your pool that you’ve always wanted or that should’ve been there, to begin with.

Have nasty water rings on a pool that is past its prime? Tried power washing it and clearing it off pool surfaces with chemicals? Give JR a call and let their experts find a solution to cover up those stubborn watermarks.

Old pools don’t just look bad. They’re dangerous.

The Greater Houston Area has plenty of deposits of limestone. You may have heard about limestone’s relationship with water, but limestone and water have a dangerous relationship if you haven’t. Together, the two are responsible for more than $50 billion dollars of damage in the US each year.

How? Simple, water, and limestone together are responsible for the majority of sinkholes. You see, when water naturally filters through the soil, it gets into the limestone, and the water carves out porous channels in the rock over time. Which has created plenty of naturally beautiful caverns. Cinco Ranch TX pool plaster repair

Cinco Ranch TX pool plaster repair

JR Pool Plastering can help with any pool problems you have!

However, as you’ve no doubt seen on the news after torrential downpours or an unnaturally large source of water is introduced into the soil by people, it results in some terrifyingly huge sinkholes.

That’s where we circle back to your aging pool. Cracks and leaks in the surface of the pool can cause water to get into and under the foundation of your swimming pool and house. Now before you go out to buy pool equipment to repair this, know that without truly remodeling the pool itself that at best, you will have temporarily patched it up. Cinco Ranch TX pool plaster repair

At worst, you’ll have given the cosmetic appearance of a repair to your pool that gives you a false sense of security while it continues to leak into the foundation.

JR Pool Plastering. Pool resurfacing and remodeling done right, and service that is downright neighborly.

Want an extension to your pool?

You are in luck; besides remodeling, we also do a host of other pool-related overhauls, including pool extensions and additions. Not satisfied with your pool shape? Think it looks goofy?

JR Pool Plastering can easily reshape your pool during the remodel to whatever you desire. Have a step missing that keeps causing you to injure yourself during your pool days? We can easily reshape the pool to have that additional step or remove whatever you want!

Always wanted a multi-tiered cascading waterfall attached to your pool? Or how about a fire fixture that overlooks and dances on the water while you swim? How about a grotto with a secret entrance that you can gain entrance to underwater?  Cinco Ranch TX pool plaster repair

JR Pool Plastering installs full bars attached to the pool, tanning decks for the missus to keep cool while catching some rays, and even splash decks for the kids.

What’s the process for the remodel?

After you’re ready to take the next step in scheduling a remodel with us, call, and we’ll begin discussing with you your idea for what you’d like to be done with your pool. If you’re aware of any specific features, be sure not to forget to mention them to the staff so that they can incorporate them early into the plan for your remodel.

After the plan has been finalized, the employees will arrive at a scheduled time and begin breaking up the old cement on your pool and taking it off your property. Once all of the old cement has been removed, our staff will mold a 3D model of any additions to the layout of your pool with rebar. If there is any compromised rebar from the initial build, we will remove that rebar and replace it.

Then Gunite cement will be sprayed onto the rebar and smoothed out and shaped for the desired outcome.

Gunite is the best pool cement.

Gunite is sprayable cement made up of dry cement mix, sand, and water. Compared to other cement used in the construction of pools, Gunite is more flexible and durable. The flexibility of Gunite allows it to resist natural changes in weather over the years to prevent cracking and leaks.

Cinco Ranch TX Pool Plaster Repair

We have two convenient locations across Houston. One in the southwestern part of Houston, and another that is centrally located. This allows us to cover and work with clients all over Houston.

Cinco Ranch TX pool plaster repair

An example of our cadet-blue pebble tec.

No one does pool remodeling as efficiently or as effectively as JR Pool Plastering does. We don’t think we are the best we know we are, so what are you waiting for? If you’re on the hunt for a pool remodel, give us a call. Or you can visit one of our two locations. Rather check us out on the web first, visit jrpoolplastering.com. JR Pools is proud to be your first choice for Cinco Ranch TX pool plaster repair.

Fun Facts about Cinco Ranch, TX! Find more here!

  • A part of the largest land transaction in Houston history.
  • Randolph Foster owned Cinco Ranch.
  • Foster was one of the original 300 Texas families.
  • 14,000 homes are to be built.


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