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Cinco Ranch TX Swimming Pool Resurfacing

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. offers pool owners solutions to their Cinco Ranch TX Swimming Pool Resurfacing problems. Even if your pool is made of the toughest materials, your pool’s surface has to endure pool chemicals, weather conditions, and the effects of time. Even the toughest materials won’t look pretty after a few years. That’s why you need to schedule a time for your swimming pool resurfacing.

If the maintenance and repair measures you’ve taken to keep your pool going for long haven’t been enough lately, you can count on us to solve your problems. Before making any decisions, though, consider whether it’s reasonable to take on all the problems individually or to just replace the pool entirely.

For all the fun and relaxation that pools bring to homes, they are also a big and long-term responsibility. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to reduce the amount of repairs you have to pay for over the years. With help from a trusted pool repair company, you can get high-quality swimming pool resurfacing that will last.

Cinco Ranch, TX Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Cinco Ranch TX Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Cinco Ranch TX Swimming Pool Resurfacing Pros

Pool owners must take responsibility for taking care of their pool for as long as they own it. Pool resurfacing is more than just keeping the pool looking great; it’s about keeping everyone safe when enjoying time in the water. With the right Cinco Ranch, TX Swimming Pool Resurfacing company, you can keep your pool safe and looking great for many years.

The resurfacing process is pretty much what the name says: removing and replacing the old pool surface with a new one. The process is a little bit different for each type of pool, but it will likely mean replacing the pool plaster, pool tile, and concrete or changing the material altogether.

New pool surfaces can make the pool look brand new again. Regular resurfacing can help keep your pool in good shape for many years. The cost of a professional resurfacing job will depend on the following:

  • Size of pool
  • Shape of pool
  • Colors or finishes

Pools that are not resurfaced often enough will eventually start to leak. And while some leaks can be a quick fix, some can be very bad. Some leaks can even cause problems that could potentially affect the structure of the pool. Keeping an eye on your pool can spot cracks and chips early on.

The best practice pool owners can follow is resurfacing the pool before any major cracks or filtration problems make the conditions so bad that the repair costs get exponentially higher than they should be.

Repairing Your Leaking Pool

We at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite can help if you need remodeling support with your in-ground concrete pool. Pools are typically constructed in one of 3 ways:

  • In-ground concrete pools
  • Fiberglass drop-in pools
  • Vinyl liner pools

In-ground concrete pools can be coated with plaster, pebbles, fiberglass, or tile. The old surface needs to be replastered by chipping out the existing plaster, sandblasting, bond coating, or hydroblasting it.

River Oaks, TX pool refinishing

Contact JR Pool Plastering for any questions you may have about pool resurfacing.

The methods we just described are acceptable according to the National Plasterers Council, but they all come with advantages and disadvantages.

After the pool’s surface has been properly prepared, the final coating is ready to be applied in plaster, quartz, pebble, glass beads, or polished pool finish. How often a pool needs to be resurfaced depends on various factors. The length of the process also depends on the pool and can take anywhere from days to weeks.

Resurfacing and replastering jobs can be done at any time, but the recommended temperature range is 50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity.

When a pool is resurfaced and plastered during high temperatures, the new application can dry too fast and start to develop small cracks. Three major factors affect the cost of replastering a pool:

  • Size of pool
  • Shape of pool
  • Colors or finishes

Out of these three, the two that will definitely affect how much you pay are the size and shape or design of the pool. Some pools have very complex designs that require more work to complete. Bigger pools will require more materials and more hours of work, thus making them more expensive projects.

Eventually, resurfacing your pool will be inevitable. It’s the only way to improve the swimming experience and the pool’s lifespan. JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. has years of experience with different pool types and specializes in gunite pools.

Resurfacing Your Pool Back into Proper Condition

You can play volleyball, Marco Polo, water polo, and so much more. While pools are lots of fun, they are also a big long-term responsibility. The importance of regular pool maintenance cannot be overstated.

Nothing lasts forever, and swimming pools are no exception. When left uncared for, pools can get dirty and unsafe for everyone. Pools are bound to experience “normal wear and tear” after regular use and exposure to external elements.

Pool resurfacing is great because it fixes cracks, blisters, and other damages that may have happened to the pool’s floor and walls over the years. Here at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd., we do more than just resurface pools; we also do pool remodeling, so if you want to include upgrades like adding equipment or changing the shape of the pool, we’re the team for you.

Take some time to check out some of our previous projects.

Take some time to check out some of our previous projects.

When you forget to resurface your pool, you make it a health hazard. Pools with corroded, cracked surfaces become full of bacteria, fungi, dirt, and decomposing matter, eventually becoming a fertile environment for different types of waterborne diseases.

Here are some signs that your pool needs to be replaced:

  • Plaster Is Flaking Or Peeling
  • You Have Noticed Surface Stains
  • There Are Also Rust Stains
  • Roughness In The Pool’s Surface
  • Cracks In The Pool’s Surface

Choosing JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite can help you keep your pool looking great for many years to come. Contact our company in the Greater Houston Area, and we’ll take care of the rest. The most important reason to resurface your pool is to protect it from additional structural damage. Call us today to learn about the available Cinco Ranch, TX Swimming Pool Resurfacing options.

Cinco Ranch Fun Facts

  • Cinco Ranch is a planned community located 25 miles west of Houston.
  • In 2000, Cinco Ranch had a population of 11,196.
  • Part of a 7,200-acre master plan designed by developer Newland Communities.

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