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August 31st, 2023

Communities, gyms, resorts, hotels, and schools need to remember when they need commercial pool resurfacing Houston, TX. Pools, no matter where they are, usually need to be resurfaced every few years, depending on the material used. To maintain the pool of your facility, you can trust JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite with your commercial pool resurfacing today. Contact us when you get the chance for a free estimate.

Commercial Pool Resurfacing Houston, TX

Commercial pool resurfacing is an important part of maintaining the integrity of your swimming pools.

The surface of the pool is constantly under duress from constant usage, pool chemicals, and water. Whether your pool has tile, plaster, or aggregate stones, you’ll eventually want to refinish or resurface the pool to maintain its beauty, design, color, and overall safety. When you notice your pool is worse for wear, call in the professionals to repair and restore your pool.

When’s the best time to resurface or refinish a pool?
Depending on the material used to cover the surface of your pool, the time will differ. For example, pool plaster can last up to twelve years, depending on the conditions and usage. On the other hand, tile tends to last longer than plaster. The best way to know is through regular inspections to catch the first signs of major wear and tear.

When you call us to your poolside, we’ll give you an estimate after seeing the general extent of the project. The price and time it would take would be based on a few factors. It’ll depend on the size of the pool, how many pools you want resurfaced, and the plaster or finish you want for the project. If you’re satisfied with the quote, we can get started; otherwise, we can discuss some pool financing plans that can sweeten the ordeal.

The Importance of Commercial Pool Resurfacing Houston, TX

Although the materials that go into a pool are durable, they don’t last forever. Proper maintenance will allow them to last longer than their suggested lifespan, but you’ll eventually need to repair and replace sections and parts as necessary. Otherwise, your pool will be riddled with cracks, discoloration, stains, or other signs of wear and tear. In the worst-case scenario, dirt can accumulate in the fine-line cracks and be a harbor for mold and other problems.

Here are a few other benefits of commercial pool resurfacing:

  1. Increase the overall lifespan of your pool.
  2. Spend less time and money on extensive repairs and maintenance.
  3. Improve your pool’s aesthetic by keeping the surface looking fresh and clean.
  4. Ensure the safety of your pool.

That’s why commercial pool resurfacing is an important process. Of course, there’s also an upside to regularly resurfacing your pool. You can take the chance and do some pool remodeling when you call us for commercial pool resurfacing. Whether you change the color of your pool plaster, change the design of the tile, or switch to aggregate stones, our team can do it for you.

Commercial Pool Resurfacing Houston, TX

Regular commercial pool resurfacing Houston, TX is a part of your pool’s general maintenance and shouldn’t last more than a few days.

Should You Change Up Your Pool?

If you had a residential pool, we would recommend changing up your pool so that the pool would look fresh and enticing again. However, commercial pools are different. Depending on where they are, they serve different purposes, and not all necessarily need an image change.

For most commercial pools, a simple resurfacing project is enough for everything to be operational again. However, you might also want to think about any other adjustments that may be necessary to ensure the quality of your pool.

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite LTD is also capable of remodeling any entire pool. We have several services that can freshen up the look of your pool beyond a simple commercial pool resurfacing job. Our remodeling services include the following:

  • Replastering & Resurfacing
  • Retile & Recoping
  • Decking
  • Adding or Replacing Water Features
  • Adding Spas or Hot Tubs
  • Equipment Replacement

Other than resurfacing, you might need some of our other remodeling services to ensure that your pool retains its beauty and purpose. For example, retiling and recoping the edge of your pool will ensure that there’s a safe ledge that your pool goers can enter, exit, or rest by. Depending on the demographic of your guests, you could also add other safety measures to lessen the chance of any accidents happening.

How Even a Simple Commercial Pool Resurfacing Project Can Change Everything

Of course, although major renovations can obviously change up your entire poolside area, it’s not necessary if you only want to change the impression, ambiance, or general look of your pool. Even a simple resurfacing can do the trick, even if all we’re doing is patching up and removing the years of accumulated wear and tear. After all, even the smallest changes can change people’s overall impression of your pool, even if they’ve seen it multiple times.

Commercial Pool Resurfacing Houston, TX

See how we can handle your necessary commercial pool resurfacing project. Trust JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite LTD today.

No matter what type of surface your pool has, whether plaster, tile, or stone, you can still change the color and design to give your pool a new look. A color change or design change will still be noticeable by those looking at your pool from the outside, and it can give your pool a new makeover while repairing the damage without going outside of your business or community’s budget.

There’s no need to go through an entire poolside makeover unless there are major problems you want to address for the safety of your community. Even a small change is satisfactory. See how else JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite LTD can help you rejuvenate your pool.

Get In Touch with the Experts

Call our team today to hear what we have to say about commercial pool resurfacing. We’ve helped clients throughout Houston for years, and we can help you today. Let us show you how our years of experience out in the field can remodel your pool for you as quickly as possible while retaining high-quality work. Contact us for your necessary commercial pool resurfacing project anytime.

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