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Houston TX Pool Design Near Me

Are you searching “Houston TX pool design near me?” JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite offer premium Houston pool remodels. We are capable of including a variety of features. Our construction process is streamlined, so it is as short as possible. Our remodeling services will provide the backyard paradise you need.

The Greater Houston area is full of residential pools. The summer is a great time to take a dip in the backyard swimming pool. Pools are also great for inviting people over for parties. This outdoor space should look as great as possible in order to provide the best experience possible.

Houston TX Pool Design Near Me

Obtain the pool you want by calling JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite.

There are a variety of features we can include in your custom pool renovation. Our teams are professionals and experts when it comes to remodeling existing pools. In-ground pools make for a fun and unique outdoor living space. If there is a pool company you want for the job, then JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite is the right choice.

Now, you may not be sure what kind of new features you want in your new pool. Well, our team of designers can help you determine the changes you want. Our company is capable of adding almost any type of pool feature.

Popular Pool Features

During the pool design process, you will have a multitude of features thrown at you. This process is also meant for you to express your creative muscle. Let us know what you want in your pool, and we will run with those ideas. Here are some popular features.


Waterfalls are a very popular addition to pools because of the tone they invoke. There are numerous types of waterfalls you can choose from. They can also be implemented with other features like a grotto or spillover spa. Regardless, you can expect waterfalls to add a romantic ambiance.

Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge is a perfect option for a kids pool and a place to feel the refreshing water while you tan. These ledges are on the edge of a pool and have about five or six inches of water covering them. You can place your tanning chairs in the area to be a part of the pool fun and still get your tan. Furthermore, tanning ledges are great features for families as the ledge can act as a place for toddlers to play.


Houston TX Pool Design Near Me

Fountains are a great addition to any pool.

You will not find another pool feature as sophisticated as fountains. These aspects of your pool will impress anyone who seems them at first sight. Fountains make a statement that your pool is high-class. Fountains can be included within the design of the pool or be detached.

LED Lights

Fountains tell guests you mean business, but LED lights tell guests you know how to party. LED lights are a great way to liven up the mood during your pool party. Various colors of LED lights make for great additions to the pool party at night. Not only are they safety features, but they also highlight the beauty of your pool when the sun goes down.


Water jets are no longer just for hot tubs. Pools can implement them in a variety of unique ways. If you have any in-water seating areas such as submerged benches, then we can implement jets into these areas. Hydrotherapy is a great way to relax while you are soaking in the pool. Plus, jets make a relaxing sign when relaxing by the pool. You can even ask for deck jets that shoot water from the pool deck into the water. These jets, paired with LED lights makes for a fun time.

Spillover Pool or Spa

Typically found in hotels or resorts, spillover pools or spas are capable of finding their way into your backyard. Impress your guests but the stunning look of a spillover pool or spa. A spa can also be installed without any spillover. Instead, we can attach it to the side of the pool with a current of bubbles to keep the temperature adequate.

Houston TX Pool Design Near Me

Our team will work for you to implement the features you want in your pool.


Grottos are a feature that originates from the ancient Romans. This cave-like structure typically covers a portion of the pool or a spa. In some cases, a waterfall can be used to further seclude the area underneath. A grotto makes an excellent addition to a pool wanting a more romantic tone to their pool. Your grotto can be man-made or natural, depending on what you are wanting.

Does Your Pool Need a Remodel?

With all of these fun features, it is hard not to jump on board with a remodeled pool. However, there are some things you should ask yourself before diving into a pool remodel. The biggest thing you need to ask is if a pool remodel is necessary for your pool. Here is how you can tell.


The age of your pool will greatly determine if you are in need of a pool remodel. Older pool models were made using materials that do not last as long are not as effective anymore.


If your pool is damaged, then a remodel may be the best option. Cracks can appear in the pool deck or the base of the pool. These cracks pose threats to the pool’s overall health and are safety risks for swimmers.


If your pool poses safety problems for children or swimmers, then you should consider a remodel. Children are at a greater risk of drowning, so a remodel could implement various safety features.

Houston TX Pool Design Near Me

JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite have worked on a variety of Houston swimming pools. We are the experts when it comes to pool remodeling, pool redesign, and pool refurbishing. In order to learn more about our services, visit our Houston location.

You can reach our team by calling (713) 729-5014. You can get an estimate from our design team, who will also help you implement the features you want. Pools are made to escape to an oasis, and your pool should represent the oasis you want. So, stop searching “Houston TX pool design near me” and start calling!

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