How Do I Prevent the Soil Around My Pool from Eroding? – Suggestions from Houston’s Trusted Erosion Control Contractor

February 14th, 2019

Swimming pools bring years of refreshing enjoyment to homeowners, travelers, and communities. Nothing is more relaxing than an afternoon lounging around the fresh, blue water. For children, summer would not be complete without trips to the city pool to beat Houston’s heat. For all the pleasure they bring us, pools also require regular maintenance and a sharp eye for possible issues, such as erosion. The last thing anyone wants to face is a cracked basin because the ground around it shifted away, allowing water pressures to cause problems. When this happens, remedies can become increasingly expensive.

Nip potential problems in the bud when you seek the help of Houston’s trusted erosion control contractor at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Ltd. We have assisted many homeowners, businesses, and schools to keep their pools in tip-top shape with a variety of services. Let our team help you protect your investment so everyone can continue enjoying summer’s rite of passage…swimming.

Symptoms of Soil Erosion

When the soil around your backyard oasis erodes, your pool suffers the consequences. If you have any of these issues creeping up, there may be a problem with erosion:

  • Cracks in the basin. As the earth moves away, the pressure in your pool can cause a shift, resulting in cracks.
  • Water out of level. Water seeks its own level. When things are out of balance, you may notice that your deep end and shallow end are switching places!
  • Deck has settled. As the ground shifts, the decking will reveal new cracks and become unleveled, which can result in tripping hazards for users.

Common Solutions to Erosion Control

Settling happens throughout the lifespan of any structure. There are many ways to keep the soil where it needs to be. Here are a couple of solutions to consider:

  • Use Landscaping: This may be one of the easiest options for keeping dirt in its place. The root systems of plants and trees stabilize the earth and soak up excess water that tends to whisk soil away. This option works well along slopes and shorelines. Mulch absorbs water which helps keep your plants hydrated instead of running off with precious topsoil.
  • Retaining Walls: A retaining wall will keep dirt where you want it and funnel water away from your pool. Because they are installed a few inches below ground level, they can prevent surface runoff. Another advantage of a retaining wall is extra seating. What better way to provide a place to sit that is also functional?

Work with an Experienced Erosion Control Contractor

Protect your backyard haven and stop the erosion before it destroys your investment. The experts at JR Pool Plastering have helped homeowners and contractors for over 30 years keep their pools in fantastic shape with installation, remodeling, and restoration services. Trust our skilled craftsmen to keep the dirt in place, so you can enjoy your pool for years to come.

Call us at 713-729-5014 to speak with our team about controlling erosion on your property and around your pool. You can also request a quote online.

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