Inground Pool Renovation Near Me Houston, TX

August 31st, 2023

As the best pool renovation company, JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. is here to give you the best inground pool renovation near me Houston, TX services, so you can enjoy your garden oasis to the fullest. Our dedication to excellence, quality of service, and strong expertise set us apart. We have a lot of experience turning old, worn-out pools into beautiful new ones with inground pool renovation near me.

We offer specialized services for replastering and equipment replacement, which improve the quality and look of your pools and help you avoid common problems like leaks after renovations. Also, with our pool remodeling services, you can change the shape of your pool to fit your exact needs and tastes.

How often should I renovate or resurface my inground pool?
A1: The need for renovation or resurfacing depends largely on the type of material your pool is made from. Generally, pools need to be renovated every 10 to 15 years. However, if you notice any signs of wear and tear, like rough edges, cracks, or leaks in your pool, it might indicate that a renovation is needed.

How much will it cost to renovate my inground pool?
A4: The cost of a pool renovation can vary significantly depending on the scope of work involved. Factors like the size of your pool, the materials used, the addition of special features, and the complexity of the design can impact the total cost. We offer free estimates and financing services to our clients, ensuring they understand the costs involved before the renovation project starts.

inground pool renovation near me Houston, TX

If you are looking to improve your home, why not consider renovating your pool space?

Inground Pool Renovation Near Me Houston, TX

At JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd., we are proud to offer high-quality renovation for in-ground pools. Over the years, we’ve done a lot of pool renovations and always done a great job.

We’ve turned old, worn-out pools into fully remodeled, fully usable aquatic facilities. We have a lot of experience and a team of experts, so we know everything there is to know about renovating pools and are ready to take on any job, no matter how big or complicated it is.

Pool replastering is a service that our clients like. When we resurface your pool, we use the best plaster so that it looks brand new and is stronger than it was before. When you combine this with our services for re-plumbing your pool, you can be sure that you won’t have to deal with leaks or other plumbing problems after the renovation.

In addition to replastering and re-plumbing, we also add modern features like cascading waterfalls, relaxing spas, and automation to in-ground pools as part of our remodeling services. We also offer pool reshaping services, which let you change the shape or size of your pool to make it look better or serve you better.

At JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd., our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and working to the greatest standards. To make sure of this, we follow the latest safety rules and use the most up-to-date tools on all of our renovation jobs. We also offer customized solutions to meet your unique renovation needs and keep you informed at every step of the process.

You want to fix up your in-ground pool, but you don’t know where to start. We offer consultation services to help you come up with a plan for remodeling that fits your wants and goals the best. We also give free quotes, so you know exactly what you’ll get and how much it will cost before we start.

In short, JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. is the best choice for remodeling an inground pool. No job is too big or too small for us. We’re here to help make your dream of remodeling your pool come true.

Adding these current features to your pool not only makes it look better and work better, but it also makes your property worth a lot more. If you are looking for more, such as retiling and coping your pool edge, we have the most luxurious options that will make your pool the talk of the neighborhood.

inground pool renovation near me Houston, TX

Whether you are looking to add a new feature here and there or completely transform your pool, we’ve got you covered.

Consider a New Deck for Your Pool

At JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd., we know that a pool is more than just a body of water; it’s an important part of your outdoor living area. We offer excellent pool decking services that will make this place look better and go well with your pool.

Our skilled team works hard to make a deck that adds to the look of your in-ground pool while making sure it works well and is safe enough for your family to swim in. We have a wide range of choices, from traditional wood decking to elegant stone and modern concrete, all of which can be changed to fit your style.

Our pool decks are a great choice for peoples’ homes who care about how long they last. They won’t break over time or when the weather changes or there is a lot of traffic.

Also, the way a deck is put together is the key to how long it will last. Our team uses strict standards, high-quality work, and careful attention to detail on every job. This ensures that you’ll get a beautiful pool deck that will last for years.

We know how important it is to choose the right pool floor material for the look of the outside. Because of this, our team will help you choose the best material for your setting.

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Why should pools be left behind in the current world? We offer high-tech pool add-ons like cascading waterfalls, relaxing spas, and advanced technology for a unique way to relax. With our decking services, we try to create smooth changes between your pool and its surroundings, using materials like wood, stone, and pavers. This makes your outdoor living space even better.

We offer consultation services to the greater Houston area that give you actionable renovation plans to meet your unique wants and goals. This is a more comprehensive and personalized way to plan. Before we start the renovation, our free estimates give you a thorough breakdown of the costs so there are no hidden surprises along the way. Call our team for your inground pool renovation near me Houston, TX.

inground pool renovation near me Houston, TX

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