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Are you searching for League City TX Wet Edge because you are unsatisfied with your current pool plaster or finish? With over 20 years of experience serving the greater Houston area, JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. is the contractor to trust with your questions, design process, and installation.

Next time you need to replaster or refinish your pool, protect and improve your investment with Wet Edge. Unique down to the colors in your aggregate, we have the Wet Edge product for you.

Do you wish your private oasis could provide beautiful, eye-catching details like shells or quartz complemented by sparkling waters in just the right shade of blue? Every element coming together to create a masterpiece at the center of your yard? Wet Edge has the perfect finish for your pool to match that beautiful vision.

League City Wet Edge

If not plastered and finished properly, concrete pools can have very rough surfaces.

League City TX Wet Edge: Concrete Pools

Our concrete pool experts know that the plastering and surfacing of a concrete pool can make or break your backyard investment. If not plastered and finished properly, the surface of your concrete pool can quickly become rough enough to hurt your feet or even scrape you. To prevent minor injuries and combat the increased likelihood of cracking and staining, skip the mediocre repeat plaster job and call JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd.

Our experts will walk you through the design and installation processes involved in upgrading your pool. You will have the opportunity to choose from 6 distinct product styles and over 70 colors. When all of these decisions are made, they will bring your League City TX Wet Edge pool vision to life. This upgrade will save both your feet and your wallet.

League City TX Wet Edge Style Options – Plaster Like

If you like the look and texture of your current pool plaster but are looking to improve the durability, life-span, quality, and color of your pool’s finish, Wet Edge has two styles for you.

Firstly, Altima comes in 4 neutral colors – white, grey, and two shades of blue. And secondly, Luna Quartz comes in 9 colors ranging from Polar White to Madagascar. Both offer far more durability and longevity than the typical plaster by making an adjustment to the typical plaster mixture.

Most competing plasters use a combination of cement, water, marble sand, and pigment when necessary. These two Wet Edge product lines improve upon both the sand and pigment elements.

In Altima, 35% of the marble sand is replaced by higher-quality and more durable quartz sand. Luna Quartz takes this to the next level and fully replaces 100% of the marble sand with quartz sand.

Wet Edge uses top-of-the-line powdered pigments when creating their vibrant, long-lasting colors. This is because liquid pigments, while cheaper, are known to wear quickly, unevenly, and noticeably. By substituting the higher-quality powdered option, Wet Edge maintains its commitment to durability and longevity in every product.

League City TX Wet Edge Style Options – Exposed Aggregate

Aggregate is the term describing any objects added to your pool’s finish. In the case of Wet Edge, this refers to pebbles, colored glass beads, and shells. The colors of the elements of your aggregate and added pigments in the cement will impact the hue of your water from both close-up and far away.

In the first 3 styles, the aggregate is exposed through a process that removes excess cement mixture so that you can feel the texture of the aggregate on your pool’s surface.

League City TX Wet Edge

Every choice will impact the water hue of your League City TX Wet Edge pool.

The first product line within this style is Signature Matrix. This style uses a blend of small and medium-sized pebbles to create a subtle and smooth texture.

The second is Prism Matrix. This style blends small and medium pebbles with glass beads for a stylish and smooth finish.

The third is Serenity Stone. This style mixes medium and large pebbles with glass beads for a luxurious finish.

In the final style, Primera Stone, the surface is polished during the application process. This allows the aggregate to be exposed to view, but your pool’s surface to be completely smooth.

League City TX Wet Edge

Different finish styles take different lengths of time to install.

Installation Times Vary By Style

Altima: 1 day to install

Luna Quartz: 1-2 days to install

Signature Matrix, Prism Matrix, and Serenity Stone: 2 days to install

Primera Stone: 2-3 days to install

Chlorine Effects On Your Wet Edge Pool Finish

It is important to monitor the chlorine and calcium levels in your pool to protect your Wet Edge pool finish. Improper levels can burn the finish.

Warning signs of low chlorine are algae growth and cloudy water.

A warning sign of high chlorine is eye irritation.

Ways To Protect Your Pool Following Installation

  1. Do not swim in the pool for seven days. Footprints can leave imprints on the surface, and you cannot add enough chlorine to make the water sanitary until day 7.
  2. Unplug your salt generator, and do not add salt to your pool for 28 days. This can cause spider cracking.
  3. Using your heater can also cause spider cracking. Avoid its use for 28 days. (Also, metal staining and plaster dust could clog your heater and void its warranty.)
  4. Do not use any phosphate remover for 28 days.
  5. Do not use a vacuum or any cleaner with wheels because they can leave track marks.

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Our team of experts at JP Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. has over 20 years of experience serving pool owners in the greater Houston area. If your pool needs pool replastering or refinishing for any reason, consider our pool designers and consider Wet Edge.

We can perform any upgrade, repair, or renovation you need, and we highly recommend finishing any job with one of the beautiful and durable Wet Edge pool finishes. Let us help you navigate the design and installation processes while we improve and protect your backyard investment.

If you have any questions about our services or the Wet Edge products we offer, our Houston office can be reached at (713) 729-5014. Don’t hesitate to make your pool a League City TX Wet Edge pool today.

League City, TX Fun Facts

  • There are three golf courses, 14 baseball fields, and 16 soccer fields in League City TX.
  • League City TX is home to the Big League Dreams Sports Park.
  • In 2006 League City TX was voted one of the Best Small Cities in America by Money Magazine.

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