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Seabrook TX Pool Renovations

Are you interested in Seabrook TX pool renovations that can do a wet edge pebble finish for your next pool remodel? JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. is a local pool remodeler with high customer satisfaction and nearly 5 stars on Google reviews. With high-quality customer service and two locations in the Greater Houston Area, our company is the leading pool industry remodeler near Seabrook.

Seabrook TX pool renovations

Our professional pool builders provide high-quality remodels.

So, if you’re looking for a company that can do a great job on your next swimming pool remodel, you owe it to yourself and your backyard to choose JR. If your pool is in a sad and dilapidated state, and you are ashamed to have company in your backyard due to the state of your pool, trust our experienced pool builders.

We offer a wide array of plastering solutions for your pool, beautiful pool tiles finishes, and leading wet edge pebble tech. During your remodel, we can also install new features and fixtures to your pool. Always want a cascading waterfall to bring your outdoor oasis together? Or how about a fire fixture or special lighting system that will make your pool pop in the dark? JR Pool Plastering has extensive experience in creating custom remodels for our customers.

JR would love to help with your next remodel, so call us today to schedule your free consultation. Visit our website to learn more about us and what we can do for your next backyard project. We have two locations in the Greater Houston City Area, so JR Pool Plastering is able to provide timely service to wherever you live in the city.

Is your backyard paradise in need of some TLC?

Every pool starts accumulating cracks, pitting, and decoloration over time. So, whether it is shifting foundations causing your pool to be covered in an ever-increasing string of cracks, or that your pool is simply out of style by a few too many years, there comes a time in every pool owner’s life where they have to make the decision to remodel their pool.

Seabrook TX pool renovations

JR Pool Plastering provides beautiful pool remodels for the Houston area.

We are the number one pool build remodeler in Houston. Need some advice on whether it’s time to remodel your pool? This is how long the typical pool build lasts before it needs a remodel.

  • Vinyl liners are one of the most common options that new pool owners choose for a pool finish. However, this choice has some drawbacks. Vinyl liners need replacing by a pool builder/remodeler once every 6-12 years.
  • Cement finishes last a bit longer on average, about once every decade or so, depending on cracking. When this happens, give us a call to resurface your pool.
  • The longest-lasting liner is by far a fiberglass one. They are able to last up to thirty years. However, fiberglass is often seen as tacky.

It’s a seller’s market, and your old pool could be holding your home value back.

Everyone knows a pool can add significantly to your home’s value. The market value of homes has never been higher, and we’re currently in a seller’s market. However, a pool doesn’t automatically add value to your home. An outdated pool can actually be seen as a liability or as a future expense to potential homebuyers. If your pool is suffering from cracking, fading, or is out of style, you might want to consider updating your pool to appeal to buyers that would otherwise pass on your home.

Also, choosing a remodel on your pool that is currently out of style will make your home more likely to sell. And, considering the current seller’s market won’t last forever, if you’re considering selling your home soon, then you should seriously consider updating a pool that otherwise might bring down your home’s value.

We also remodel for significant life events.

There are other reasons to upgrade your current pool with a remodel too. Pool owners rarely get the exact pool they want on the first try. Whether it’s a pool step that keeps resulting in nasty spills, the wrong finish on your pool that clashes with your outdoor decor, or even just the addition or removal of a previously installed feature. Whatever it happens to be, you are not alone in choosing JR Pool Plastering to remodel your pool into your dream backyard oasis.

Perhaps maybe a life situation has changed. Perhaps you’ve had kids since you got your pool and want to add a splash pad where the children can play during your pool days. We’ve also installed railings for aging parents who are prone to falling. No one wants to see their pool become the cause of an injury. So, let us discuss your particular safety concerns regarding your pool during your next remodel. Don’t put off your remodel; JR Pools is your Seabrook TX pool renovations expert.

Aging pools are a liability.

You’re probably aware that pools come with higher insurance premiums if you already own a pool, but aging and cracking pools can become serious safety concerns. Houston has large deposits of limestone and other carbonate rocks beneath the visible ground. And, outside of getting a geological inspection of your home’s property, you’ll rarely know what the composition of the rock your home sits on top of consists of.

Seabrook TX pool renovations

Let JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Inc. help you turn your dream swimming pool into a reality.

But, you can bet the chances are high that limestone is there, and few people know that this rock is responsible for thousands of sinkholes a year. When groundwater interacts with limestone, it begins to dissolve and cut channels through the rock. While this is great for creating breathtaking caves, it becomes a nightmare for pool owners.

The chances that a pool leaks after 10 years significantly increases, so if you’ve started to notice some cracking on your pool, at the very least, you should consider getting a resurfacing/new liner to mitigate the risks. Don’t put your family in danger; choose Seabrook TX pool renovations number one company for pool remodels.

Seabrook TX pool renovations

If you’re planning on a remodel, JR Pool plastering is the perfect company for the job. We do our best to ensure you are delighted with your remodel. What are you waiting for?

Call JR Pool Plastering now for your free consultation and begin planning for a better pool experience today. Your number one Seabrook TX pool renovations company operating in Houston is JR Pool Plastering.

Fun fact about Seabrook, Texas:

  • Located on the coast 30 min Southwest of Houston.
  • Seabrook got its name from Seabrook Syndor.
  • The town was incorporated in 1964.
  • The town celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011, even though its history dates back to 1932.

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