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Sugar Land TX Marcite Pool

Are you interested in investing in a Sugar Land TX marcite pool? Like other pool finishes, traditional pool plastering has its pros but also its cons. JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. is the contractor you can trust to help you navigate your options, design your pool project, and resurface your dream pool. Call our resurfacing experts at (713) 729-5014.

What Is Marcite?

Marcite is another term for the traditional plaster pool finish.

Sugar Land TX marcite pool

Marcite is another term for the traditional plaster pool finish.

This traditional plaster is the most affordable of the pool finish types. It can come in a narrow range of colors, but most pool builders are reluctant to dye the plaster as it will show problems more easily. Also, the addition of dyes, especially liquid dyes, will likely shorten the life span of subpar plasters.

The average non-dyed marcite is made of white cement, marble sand, and water. It is known to last approximately 8-12 years if water chemicals are properly maintained.

If the alkalinity and calcium of your pool are high, your marcite will wear and chip far more quickly, and you should consider the addition of aggregates. Aggregates are added materials such as quartz or pebbles that boost the durability and life span of your pool finish.

Sugar Land TX Marcite Pool Finishes – Know Your Options

The Addition of Quartz

Most marcite is made with marble sand. However, some pool builders substitute some of this sand with quartz sand. This improves the durability as quartz is significantly harder to chip or scratch. This added protection boosts your average life span to 10-15 years.

The second benefit of quartz is the ability to add a pop of color without dying the plaster itself. However, the increased durability also allows for colored plaster to last longer and show less streaking or wearing.

The Addition of Pebbles

Quartz is only one aggregate you can add to your pool finish to increase durability, texture, and aesthetic. Many pool owners opt to add colored glass beads, shells, or pebbles. Pebbles are the most popular and most durable aggregate a pool owner can choose to add.

Pebbles provide a luxurious texture mimicking the bottom of a smooth riverbed while offering incredibly high protection against scratching, cracking, erosion, and discoloration.

The average life span of a marcite pool with pebble aggregate is 12-14 years.

Resurfacing? The Ideal Time For Renovations

Sugar Land TX marcite pool

Make your pool accessible and safe for all of your loved ones.

While preparing to have your pool resurfaced, take some time to reevaluate your pool and how well it serves your current and future needs. Do you have small children or dogs? We can add a wide ledge for them to safely play on. Do disabled or older individuals use your pool? We can make your stairs wider and shallower so these loved ones can more easily access the water. Perhaps you have been wanting a water feature or an above-ground spa? We can easily make all of these additions and more during your resurfacing process.

Sugar Land TX marcite pool

Give your Sugar Land TX marcite pool a pop of color with tile coping.

Tile Coping

You can make additions at the end of your resurfacing process too. Whether or not you decide to add aggregates to your pool finish, you still have options to customize your pool. One of your best and most affordable options is tile coping.

Tile coping is a particularly great option for owners of concrete pools. When properly installed, it helps prevent cracking during major weather changes. It can provide a layer of defense for your marcite finish, help disguise the scum line, protect your skin on hot days, and give your Sugar Land TX marcite pool a pop of color and personalized flair.

One drawback to tile coping when compared to the use of aggregates is the increased likelihood of cracking, chipping, or fading.

Wet Edge

At JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd., we highly recommend Wet Edge products for those looking to resurface their pools.

Wet Edge products are built to pass the tests of use, time, and aesthetics. All 6 styles of pool finishes from plaster to pebble are beautiful, durable, and built to last for years to come. JR Pool Plastering has over 20 years of experience installing Wet Edge products in the greater Houston area. Call today to see how we can transform your backyard oasis with Wet Edge.

If you want the look and texture of marcite, we have two Wet Edge products ideal for you – Altima and Luna Quartz.

Altima is a more durable basic plaster that comes in 4 neutral colors – white, grey, and two shades of blue. This style replaces 35% of the usual marble sand with quartz sand.

Luna Quartz is a beautifully strong speckled plaster. This style comes in 9 different colors from Polar White to Madagascar. These 9 options replace 100% of the usual marble sand with quartz sand for a unique and durable finish.

Wet Edge – Exposed Aggregate

Did the option to add aggregates like pebbles interest you? Wet Edge offers 4 distinct styles of finishes featuring exposed aggregate.

The first, Primera Stone, combines small pebbles, colored glass beads, and shells. Towards the end of the application process, the top layer of this finish is polished to form one smooth, even surface.

The other 3 styles go through an exposure process that removes extra cement, thereby making the aggregate the dominant texture of your pool’s new surface.

Firstly, Signature Matrix combines small and medium pebbles.

Secondly, Prism Matrix combines the same small and medium pebbles with colored glass beads.

And finally, Serenity Stone mimics the bottom of a smooth riverbed with a combination of medium and large pebbles and colored glass beads.

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Visit our Houston office or call (713) 729-5014 to speak with our team of marcite pool, pool replastering, and Wet Edge experts. With over 20 years of experience serving pool owners and pool builders in the greater Houston area, we are the contractor you can trust.

Call JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. for all of your Sugar Land TX marcite pool needs!

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