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Sugar Land TX Pool Remodeling

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Sugar Land TX Pool Remodeling

Sugar Land TX Pool Remodeling can be found right here at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd.!

If you own a residential or commercial property with a pool, you’re bound to need pool remodeling at some point or another! Whether it’s your pool tiles, pool deck, or resurfacing your pool, we have your back!

Sugar Land TX Pool Remodeling

Outdoor living certainly means a level of upkeep when it comes to your swimming pool. Don’t you want to be the envy of your neighbor’s eye? Or, perhaps, enhance the appearance of your business by the beauty of a fountain or shallow pool?

Sugar Land TX Pool Remodeling

Call JR Pools for all remodeling needs!

Well, now you can! With Sugar Land TX Pool Remodeling at JR Pool Plastering, there are no excuses to avoid your dream pool.

History of Sugar Land

Within the community of Sugar Land, there are plenty of individuals who’ve come to reside here. There are 118,709 citizens living within the Sugar Land area.

While Sugar Land is located in the Greater Houston Area, it’s a suburb that’s quite different than the usual hustle and bustle you may imagine for Houston.

Furthermore, this area of town has plenty of pool owners. Owner’s that certainly will want remodeling and renovations sooner than later. This is why we’re here to offer our pool industry knowledge to you, right here in Sugar Land!

Why Choose JR Pools?

You might be wondering, with all the other pool renovation options in Sugar Land for pools, why choose us?

For a number of reasons, we’re certainly the best option. We view you, our clients, as part of the family. We are in this industry because we are honest, trustworthy, dedicated, and above all, experienced.

Besides, we’ve been in the pool renovating industry for over four decades! That’s correct; we’ve been here for forty years, servicing the Greater Houston Area.

Another wonderful reason why Sugar Land TX Pool Remodeling can be found at JR Pool Plastering? Why, our wide variety of services, of course.

We consider ourselves to be the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to all things pool-related. No matter what the pool project is, we can handle it!

Services Offered

While remodeling is our primary concern here at JR Pool Plastering, it surely isn’t all we do. We cover everything from renovations to minor repairs; there’s no pool job too large for us to handle!

Some additional and common renovation types we service for our clients are:

  • Patching up cracks
  • Fixing leaks
  • Refinishing your pool or its shape
  • Adding ledges for tanning
  • Water features
  • Fire additions

And so much more!

Additionally to these types of renovation styles we offer, we also are entirely advanced in the performance of:

With such a variety of specialties, choosing JR Pool Plastering should be a no-brainer. Why don’t we take a deep dive into some of these particular services?


Firstly, the excavation aspect. By definition, excavation refers to the clearing out of an area for your future pool. For example, if you wanted to change the shape of your already-existing pool or add to it, we would section off an area by your pool to excavate and do so.

Sugar Land TX Pool Remodeling

At JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, we work hard to keep your pool in the best shape!

Doing this sort of process may involve taking out sections of your already-existing pool’s shell, coping, or deck.

In order to excavate, a city permit and knowledge of building codes is a requirement. Since we’re experts here at JR Pool Plastering when it comes to excavation, we’ll do all the leg work for you!

If you are planning an excavation, it’s crucial you discuss your plans for any further installments. Installments such as lights, or drains, or even other details like the finish or eventual coping.

Once you enter the excavation process, you’re steps closer to the final touch of renovation on your pool. It’s possible you’d wish to add fire or water features to your pools renovation.

These would be discussed during the initial meeting involving the excavation. Additionally, if you’re considering excavation, why not consider redoing it all? If you’re going to do it, you might as well overdo it!

Adding a fire feature to your pool’s renovation is a dramatic enhancement. There are two different forms to be added, fire bowls and fireplaces. They may be placed anywhere in or around the seating areas of your pool.

When it comes to water enhancements, you can add a fountain or waterfall just about anywhere! As a very versatile feature, water features ensure to create a bubbling paradise. Even adding a koi fish pond or mirror pond, perhaps, would ignite the fire of envy from all your neighbors.


You work hard for what you have, including your beautiful pool. Why not make it enhanced with some new additions? Sugar Land TX Pool Remodeling is a must if you’re a resident owner of the area.

And here at JR Pool Plastering, we sure do have our work cut out for us. Your pool’s beauty and efficiency are our passion. This leads to the next big service we provide in the Greater Houston Area: remodeling!

Here at JR Pool Plastering, we have a multitude of different types of remodeling tactics for you to pick from. No matter what level of remodeling is necessary, JR Pool Plastering has something for you and your pool!

Some examples of in-depth remodeling work we do are:

  • Excavation
  • Framework
  • Gunite
  • Rebar
  • Concrete

Each of these is used for particular pools and design ideas. As previously mentioned, excavation is quite a large duty.

However, as far as the other services are concerned, they’re mainly for the physical layout of your pool’s renovation. For example, a framework is typically wooden and is built around the outline of the pool’s perimeter.

In the case of spas or extensions of pools, a framework is a must. While in contrast, gunite (a form of cement that is sprayable) is used around the shell of your pool addition.

And of course, if gunite is part of your renovation plan, rebar will be as well. The rebar’s purpose is to reinforce the cement in a cage-like way. This is to ensure your pool maintains the correct shape.

Sugar Land TX Pool Remodeling

Get your renovations done right with JR Pool Plastering!

Finally, concrete, the most essential element to any pool renovation. The concrete base is to secure the bottom of the floor and increase stability and longevity for future renovation.


With all the fantastic ways you can renovate your pool, why bother waiting?  Contact the pros here at JR Pool Plastering for a free quote, (713)-729-5014.

Sugar Land TX Pool Remodeling has never been easier than with us at JR Pool Plastering!

Fun Facts of Sugar Land, TX:

  • Initially, it was a company town!
  • The Sugar Land Town Square stretches a whopping 1.2 acres.
  • There are over 560 acres of developed parkland here in Sugar Land.

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