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Are you looking for Sugar Land TX wet edge pool plastering? JR Pool Plastering is a company in your area that specializes in swimming pool remodeling and repair with years of experience, a friendly staff, and 5-star service. Tired of dealing with shady pool builders when trying to refurbish your outdated pool? Want it done fast and right?

Then choose JR Pool Plastering for your next pool design project. With a wide selection of patio covers, pool tiles, designs, and pebble tec, none of the competitors can come close to the selections offered by JR Pool Plastering.

Sugar Land TX wet edge

Call JR Pools the best Texas pool renovation company.

Call now or visit our website for more information on our range of services. JR Pool Plastering is perfectly positioned to provide excellent and timely support to Sugar Land TX wet edge with two locations in the Greater Houston area!

Your swimming pool in need of a facelift?

It’s no secret that swimming pools have a fraction of the lifespan of their built properties. If you have a vinyl liner, you can expect it to last 20 years, but only if you have the liner replaced every 6-12 years. Concrete swimming pools have a similar lifespan but begin to crack and require resurfacing about once a decade—even pools with the longest lifespan—those with fiberglass liners last on average about 30 years.

So, whether you’re in a forever home with an aging pool or you just bought an older home with a pool, chances are at some point in the future, you’ll have to renovate a pool anyways.

This can be an excellent opportunity to modernize your pool to match modern tastes and aesthetics. Perhaps your in-ground pool is missing a feature that you’ve sorely wished it had for some time now. Remodeling your pool is the perfect time to create an addition to your pool to make you fall in love with your pool all over again.

Always wanted to add a water feature such as a cascading waterfall? How about a fire feature to add a flare during night swims? Or, perhaps you want a bubbling fountain to give your pool a more organic feeling?

JR Pool Plastering has a large selection of pool finishings to choose from. They’re also used to custom requests they haven’t had to create before. Have an elderly parent or young children?

JR Pool Plastering understands that a swimming pool can pose a challenge to certain members of the family. That’s why they also have years of experience in creating railings for pool stairs, light fixtures to help communicate with deaf individuals, and so much more! Tell them what your wants and needs are during your consultation, and you’ll be surprised by the selection they can offer you on your next build. If you’ve been looking for quality Sugar Land TX wet edge products, call JR Pools today.

An aging pool can be worse than ugly.

Houston Tx has a substantial amount of limestone deposits just beneath your feet. While geology is a boring topic, it’s important to point out limestones dangerous potential coupled with an aging pool that has started to crack. Aging pools are more likely to leak water into the ground around their foundation.

This groundwater, of course, doesn’t just sit still in the dirt; it finds its way into the foundation of your house and gets through the layers of topsoil to the limestone deposits underneath. The best-case scenario is that untreated pool leaks can erode the foundation your house rests on and can sinking and damage the foundation of your home, which can cause you tens of thousands of dollars to fix. The worst-case scenario is the groundwater gets into a limestone deposit beneath your home and quickly erodes the deposit leaving the mineral porous.

Sugar Land TX wet edge

JR Pool Plastering provides beautiful pool remodels for the Houston area.

These porous channels can quickly expand in a limestone deposit leading to dead space, not unlike a natural cave. These underground structures are inherently weak, and when the limestone deposit has been depleted enough, they will collapse. Sugar Land TX wet edge.

This is one of the most common ways a manmade sinkhole is created. They are capable of swallowing a house and turning a property into a nightmare. Have a leak in your pool that is allowing water to get into the ground? Please don’t make the mistake of not treating it seriously. You have an emergency and a disaster waiting on your hands.

Call JR Pool Plastering today to ensure that leak is dealt with quickly and properly.

A remodel could make you money.

House prices have never been higher than they are now. Suppose you’re looking to sell your home for an upgrade. You owe it to yourself to improve your current home so that you get every bit of equity out of your property.

A swimming pool already adds thousands to the value of your home. However, with an outdated or tacky pool, you’re not getting the full value out of your home that you could if you did a simple remodel and update. Pools can add $50,000 to $80,000 to the listing value of your home. Which is far less than the cost of a remodel in most instances.

While remodeling a pool can seem like an extreme investment upfront to increase the value of your home. In the long run, a remodel of a pool can make you tens of thousands of dollars.

Sugar Land TX Wet Edge

Wet edge is a beautifully eloquent and natural-looking finish for your home that is smooth, clean, and easy to clean. JR Pool Plastering offers a large array of wet edge finishes. Wet edge finishes are an excellent way to hide the water rings that traditional-style pools have a hard time hiding. Wet edge is treated to prevent UV degradation and color fading, helping your pool look beautiful for years longer than competitor products such as pebble tec.

Sugar Land TX wet edge

An example of our cadet-blue wet edge.

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Call or schedule a consultation for your swimming pool with JR Pool Plastering with Houstonians’ first choice in pool remodelers for over 10 years! You owe it to yourself and your pool! Ask about our Sugar Land TX wet edge products today.

Fun facts about Sugar Land! Find more fun facts here!

  • Sugar Land started out as a company town.
  • Sugar Land got its name after the sugar cane that grew in the area.
  • The first American settlers arrived with Stephen F. Austin.
  • The first property owner in Sugar Land was a part of the original 300 Texans.


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