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The Woodlands, TX Wet Edge

If you are searching for The Woodlands, TX Wet Edge, JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. is the contractor you need. We have over 20 years of experience designing and installing Wet Edge pools across the greater Houston area. Our experts can answer any questions and walk you through the detailed design process before efficiently bringing your backyard dreams to life.

If your pool’s current plaster is cracked, stained, or rough enough to hurt your feet, it may be time to replaster or refinish your pool. Consider investing in Wet Edge.

Wet Edge products all follow 2 main commitments – durability and style. Talk to our expert team today to learn more about what aggregate, pigment, and water hue options are perfect for you. Let us help you make your private oasis dreams a reality.

The Woodlands, TX Wet Edge – Durability

Two things that set Wet Edge apart from its pool finish competitors are the durability of its products and its use of high-quality powdered pigments.

Liquid pigments and lower-quality powdered pigments, while cheaper up-front, have a known tendency to fade and wear quickly, unevenly, and noticeably. Using these top-of-the-line powdered pigments helps Wet Edge products maintain their promised longevity.

The Woodlands TX Wet Edge

If your pool constantly needs resurfacing and refinishing, trust JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. to do the job right!

Beyond the use of high-quality materials, the secret to Wet Edge products’ durability lies in the sand element of the plaster mixture. Most plasters combine cement, water, aggregate, and sand. Marble sand is the most common due to its affordability. Wet Edge, however, substitutes a portion of marble sand with quartz sand for a boost of durability and longevity. This is most strongly seen in the Luna Quartz product line, where 100% of the marble sand is replaced with quartz sand.

This durability is particularly important if your pool shell is cement-based. Whether it is concrete, shotcrete, or gunite, cement-based pools tend to have rougher surfaces. If they are not properly finished and surfaced, these pools can be rough enough to hurt your feet and need costly, consistent resurfacing.

If you want a more durable plaster-like finish, a smooth pebbled surface, or a beautifully polished surface Wet Edge has the perfect long-lasting product for you. Talk to our team of Wet Edge experts about what options for The Woodlands TX Wet Edge pools that can bring your dreams of backyard bliss to life.

The Woodlands TX, Wet Edge – Style Choices

The Woodlands TX Wet Edge

The Woodlands TX Wet Edge pools offer many choices that impact water hue.

Across the 6 distinct product styles, you have upwards of 70 style choices for your backyard oasis.

Do you like the look and texture of a plaster finish but want something more durable? The product lines Altima and Luna Quartz are for you! Altima offers 4 different colors that will give your pool a beautiful light blue hue. Luna Quartz offers 9 color choices ranging from the light blue hue of Polar White to the intense blues and greens of black-bottomed Madagascar.

Moving away from the texture of the plaster, The Woodlands TX Wet Edge style options include 4 product lines featuring smooth exposed aggregate. The first 3 styles provide the texture of a smooth riverbed with exposed pebbles and glass beads.

The final style, however, is polished during the application process. This allows the Primera Stone line to exhibit a smooth, evenly polished surface while featuring the accent colors of the still-visible aggregate. The aggregate, or added objects in this finish, include pebbles, colored glass beads, and shells.

Signature Matrix offers 21 vibrant and diverse combinations of small pebbles, medium pebbles, and pigment. The colors range from hues like Gulf White and Coastal Blue to intense and gold-accented Black.

Prism Matrix offers 13 stunning options, from iridescent Summer Lights to intense blues and emerald accents of Glossy Black. These styles incorporate small pebbles, medium pebbles, colored glass beads, and pigment.

Lastly, Serenity Stone features a luxurious combination of medium and large pebbles with colored glass beads and pigment. This style has 6 options, ranging from Radiant Sky to Midnight Meditation.

Ways To Protect Your Pool Finish

The Woodlands TX Wet Edge

Protect your investment and the people who use your pool!

  1. Do not let colored debris, like leaves, sit at the bottom of your pool for prolonged periods of time. This is particularly important in plaster-finished and saltwater pools as they are the most likely to stain.
  2. Be sure to maintain proper chemical levels in your pool at all times. Low chlorine levels can lead to algae growth and cloudy water, while high chlorine levels can cause eye irritation and possibly burn your pool finish.
  3. Do not add salt to your pool within 28 days of finishing or surfacing, as it can cause spider cracking.
  4. Using your heater within 28 days of pool finishing or surfacing is not recommended, as this can damage the heater or cause spider cracking.
  5. Do not swim within 7 days of pool surfacing or finishing. The water will not have enough chlorine to be sanitary. Also, anything touching the surface can imprint on your pool’s new surface.
  6. Please do not use a pool cleaner with wheels, as it can leave track marks on your pool’s surface.

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Constantly needing to redo and repair mediocre plaster pool finishings can be costly. If you find yourself having to redo your pool surfacing more than every 5 years, you need to call JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. and invest in Wet Edge. This superior pool finish offers 6 distinct styles with over 70 unique choices. Talk to our team of experts to help you navigate the details and find the perfect option for you today!

We have pool remodeling, plastering, and refinishing services, as well as Wet Edge experts who are ready to answer all of your questions. You can reach our Houston office at (713) 729-5014. Don’t hesitate to call JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. with any repair, upgrade, renovation, or remodeling needs! If you’re in the market for The Woodlands, TX Wet Edge, don’t wait for another unexpected pool bill – call today!

The Woodlands, Texas Fun Facts

  1. Woodlands High School is the largest high school in the state!
  2. Woodlands High School first opened its doors in 1976.
  3. One of the largest parks in Woodlands is the Rob Fleming Park & Aquatic Center. This park includes a butterfly garden, hiking trails, a bluebonnet meadow, a fishing pond, and more!

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