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Webster TX Pool Refinishing

Are you looking for subcontractors for a Webster TX pool refinishing project? Perhaps your pool’s coating and details have seen better days, and after so long, it needs a pool refinishing. Perhaps it’s about time to remodel or resurface your pool and update the finish on it. Or maybe you want to update it to a new design to match your new aesthetic or poolside decor.

Webster TX Pool Refinishing

JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite have you covered when it comes to refinishing pools.

Like most things, pools don’t last forever. Even if you’re very careful about maintaining your pool, the plaster will eventually show its age. Think about it: pool plaster is submerged under chemicals every day with the occasional brush to prevent algae. It takes on quite a bit, along with constant use, wear and tear, and climate changes.

On average, pool plaster can last ten to twelve years. However, this can vary depending on how the original builders installed it and how well-balanced your pool chemistry is maintained. Even the proper maintenance you give it can alter how long it’ll last.

If you notice issues with your pool, you may need to resurface it. Perhaps you notice growing stains or ones that are challenging to remove. Or maybe you’ll notice the texture of your pool has become rougher than in the past. In the worst cases, you may even notice cracks and leaks.

Or maybe it’s none of those issues, but you realize that your pool’s design is behind the times. It’s been a few years, and maybe your pool deserves a new finish to match your and your family’s needs.

Perhaps it’s time to refinish your pool.

Webster TX Pool Refinishing Options

At the end of the day, most swimming pools are in-ground pools, which are holes in the ground with water fixtures and a finish. The finish prevents water from seeping into the ground through the concrete. Concrete is porous, so the finish is the only thing keeping your swimming pool a pool.

Once you notice the finish flaking or cracking, you may want to think about pool resurfacing. Once you resurface it, you can change the finish. There are several ways to refinish your pool. Each one can enhance its original appearance while repairing the previous issues.

There are generally three Webster TX pool refinishing options to choose from: plaster, aggregate, or tile. Each option can give your pool design and poolside decor a different, fresh look. And, of course, each has its own perks and flaws.


Plaster finishes are the most common and give your pools a classic look. They’re a mixture of either marble dust or silica sand, Portland cement, and water. Plaster is the cheapest refinishing option and lasts for at least five to seven years before its age catches up with it.

Traditionally, people have white plaster for their pools. It gives the pool interior a smooth appearance and remains popular even among the recent emerging looks. However, you can also have colored plaster as a refinishing option.

Webster TX Pool Refinishing

With a variety of refinishing options, you can give your pool a new touch-up.

This pool plaster is mixed with colored pigments or dyes, giving your poolscape more dimension. The most popular tint is medium grey since it gives your pool’s water a bluer tint. On the other hand, darker plaster colors can add depth to your pool and enhance the water’s reflective qualities.

Aggregate and Pebble

After plaster finishes, aggregate finishes are the least expensive. They combine white or colored plaster with small pieces of minerals. These minerals can be tiny pieces of quartz, granite, river stones, or glass beads. To give you even more options, aggregate finishes come in two forms: exposed or polished.

Polished aggregate finishes have finely crushed minerals like quartz, granite, or marble. Once the finish is applied, it’s then polished to bring out its inner luster and create a smoother surface. This polishing can extend the plaster’s lifespan by another twelve to 20 years.

Exposed aggregates contain pieces of river pebbles or glass beads. Unlike polished aggregate finishes, once it’s applied, its power is washed with water and muriatic acid. This power washing will remove the top layer of concrete and expose the colored pebbles or beads under it. This design gives your pool more traction.


Webster TX Pool Refinishing

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Tile finishes are the most expensive of the options. It also takes longer to install than the other two types.

However, it’s the most durable of the three selections. With proper pool maintenance, you may never need to replace tiles—well, of course, until you get tired of it and want to change the design again.

While tiles are usually applied to the pool’s waterline, floor, or steps, you can also use them for the pool’s interior. Choosing tile as your pool’s finish makes most of the water’s reflective properties. With a wide range of colors and patterns, you can easily give your pool an artistic look.

You can apply several types of tiles: ceramic, porcelain, glass, or stone. Each type comes with its own variety of shapes, styles, sizes, and colors.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most popular types of tiles because they’re the least expensive options. You can hand-paint ornate patterns and mosaics onto porcelain tiles to give your pool a bold and unique design.

On the other hand, stone tiles like granite, marble, slate, or limestone are popular finishes for natural pool designs. The stone tiles help blend the pool into the environment and complement pools or homes with a modern style.

Glass tiles have been on the upturn in recent years. It’s one of the most durable tiles since it doesn’t erode or stain. And glass’ natural attributes let it manipulate and magnify light, so your pool can have a bright, clear shimmer.

Refinishing Your Pool

Even if you maintain your pool with care, it will eventually show its age. Your pool can discolor, crack, or have an outdated design. To keep your pool safe and meet your family’s needs, you should refinish it.

With over 40 years of experience transforming pools over the Greater Houston area, JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite LTD. can help actualize the remodeling you’re envisioning. Call today and ask how our pool plaster company can make your Webster TX pool refinishing happen.

Webster, Texas Fun Facts:

  • Originally, James W. Webster founded the community in 1879.
  • The name of the community before “Webster” was actually “Gardentown.”
  • Established as a colony of settlers from England, it was a stopover for travelers between and around the Houston and Galveston areas.

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