Why is my Pool Losing Water?

July 22nd, 2021

The weather can drastically affect your swimming pool. Whether in the summer or winter period, your pool can naturally lose water due to the weather. The heat and humidity can cause your pool to lose up to 2 inches of water per week in the summer! This is something that, as a pool owner, you need to be aware of. If your pool level drops too low, it could cause damage to your pool pumps leading to bigger issues.

Why is my Pool Losing Water?

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With that in mind, it’s essential you stay on top of your pool maintenance in the summer months as well as the winter months. Luckily, JR Pools is here to help ensure your pool remains healthy and in great condition for years to come. We have been in the pool business for more than 35 years. As a result, you can rely on our experts whenever you need your pool questions answered.

Why is my Pool Losing Water?

The summer is upon us, and here in Texas, we feel it more than in other places across the US. Additionally, the harsher, humid weather we experience can take a serious toll on our pools. If you’re sick of your pool losing water, there are several things you can do to prevent this.

First of all, you can get a solar cover for your swimming pool. These covers are designed to protect your pool against the effects of the weather. Not only will your pool be protected against solar rays and humidity, but also wind and rain.

Although winters are significantly colder than the summer, your pool water can still evaporate all the same. With that in mind, you shouldn’t just rely on these methods in the summer; you should adopt these habits all year round to ensure your pool remains in great condition!

Why is my Pool Losing Water?

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The hot summer weather causing your pool water level to drop due to evaporation is just one of many reasons for pool water loss. Over time, pool shells can become incredibly vulnerable and damaged, leading to pool leaks. If you’ve noticed the amount of water in your pool keeps dropping, call JR Pools today and see how we can help!

Leak Detection

If your pool is suffering from water loss due to a leak, don’t wait before calling JR Pools. Our pool experts will be able to find the source of the leak and reverse the damage. We specialize in pool plastering and use the highest-quality products. If you’re unsure if your pool level is dropping due to the weather or internal damage, give us a call.

JR Pools can help ensure the longevity and durability of your swimming pool!


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