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Houston TX Wet Edge Pool Finish

Are you interested in the installation of a Houston TX Wet Edge pool finish? JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. has over 20 years of experience designing and installing Wet Edge pool finishes in the greater Houston area. We are the contractor to trust with all of your repair, addition, renovation, or Wet Edge installation needs. Let us help you bring your vision to life today, call our team of experts at (713) 729-5014.

Why Do You Need A Houston TX Wet Edge Pool Finish?

Wet Edge products offer 4 very important commitments to pool builders and pool owners – durability, longevity, texture, and style.

Durability – Wet Edge exclusively uses high-quality materials in combinations proven to stand the tests of both use and time.

Longevity – Each Wet Edge product is built to last. Some of their premium pebble finishes are even described as impervious, meaning that it is highly unlikely they will scratch or crack.

Texture – The texture of your pool’s surface is incredibly important. Pools that are too smooth can pose the risk of slipping. Pools that are too rough can pose threats of minor injuries, including scrapes and bloody toes. Wet Edge products ensure ideal and safe textures within all three types of surfaces they offer – plastered, pebbled, and polished.

Style – With all of these important things in mind, Wet Edge products also deliver on style. When selecting your new pool finish, you will have upwards of 70 options that you will narrow down by texture, aggregate, and desired water hue.

Don’t settle for plain old rough and boring plaster, inspire your backyard bliss with Wet Edge today!

Wet Edge Plaster Pool Finish

There are two product lines Wet Edge offers that give the look and feel of plaster. What sets these plasters apart from its competitors? Its durability and subsequent longevity.

Most plasters are made up of cement, marble sand, water, and pigment when desired. Wet Edge improves upon this combination by substituting some of the marble sand with more durable and aesthetically-pleasing quartz sand. In the Altima line, 35% is replaced, and in the Luna Quartz line, 100% is replaced.

Wet Edge Exposed Aggregate – Polished or Pebbled

Sometimes aggregates like pebbles or shells are added to plaster finishes to provide different textures and looks. Wet Edge offers 4 lines of pool finishes featuring aggregates.

Primera Stone includes small pebbles, colored glass beads, and shells. The surface is polished during the application process so that the aggregate and pigmented plaster are both exposed to view, but the texture is a one smooth, even surface.

The other 3 styles feature a different form of exposed aggregate. During application, these products go through an exposure process allowing the aggregates they feature to form the smooth texture of your pool’s new surface.

Houston TX Wet Edge pool finish

The Houston TX Wet Edge pool finish you choose will determine the hue of your pool’s water.

Firstly, there is Signature Matrix. Small and regular pebbles are combined in pigmented plaster to form a subtle texture and beautiful water hue. You have 21 different options within this style, offering hues from Gulf White to the intensely black-bottomed Midnight.

Secondly, Prism Matrix combines small pebbles, medium pebbles, and colored glass beads with pigmented plaster to offer 13 different stylish and smooth finishes. The hues this style can give off range from the shimmering bright blues of Summer Lights to the intense gold accents of Glossy Black.

And lastly, Serenity Stone features a luxurious combination of medium pebbles, large pebbles, and glass beads to mimic the smooth surface of a river bed. The 6 options within this style of pool finish offer hues ranging from Radiant Sky to Midnight Meditation.

When To Resurface Your Pool

Houston TX Wet Edge pool finish

It is recommended you resurface your pool every 10-15 years.

It is recommended that you resurface your pool every 10-15 years. However, if your pool is leaking or your surface is cracked, stained, or too rough on your feet, you may need to resurface your pool sooner. This most commonly occurs with salt water and concrete based pools.

The metallic byproducts in salt water pools tend to cause more frequent staining.

Concrete, gunite, and shotcrete pools tend to have rougher surfaces and so if not plastered and finished properly, can need to be resurfaced more frequently than expected.

If your pool needs to be resurfaced, you should consider investing in a Houston TX Wet Edge pool finish. These finishes are guaranteed to pass the tests of use and time. Call JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. to find out how we can upgrade and protect your backyard investment today.

Resurfacing Is The Perfect Time For Renovations

Houston TX Wet Edge pool finish

You can trust JR Pool Plastering with all of your pool renovations and resurfacing needs.

Have you been considering any additions or renovations for your pool? Before resurfacing your pool with your hand-selected Wet Edge product, JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. can make any additions or renovations you desire.

Have your needs changed? Maybe you need to add a ledge for young children to play on or wide, gentle steps for disabled or older individuals to use with ease. Or maybe you’d like to add an above-ground spa possibly featuring a waterfall or massage jets. Are you interested in adding more lights, a tanning ledge, or a water feature of any kind? Now is the time! We can make any repairs, additions, or renovations from patching a crack to extending your pool during the resurfacing process.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about additions, renovations, or Wet Edge products, call your local experts at our Houston office. The hot Texas summer is fast approaching, so don’t wait, call (713) 729-5014 today! You can also find additional information on our pool services page.

No job is too big or too small for JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. From leaks to waterfalls, if you need a small repair or a major renovation, we are the contractor you can trust.

If your pool is leaking or the surface is cracked, stained, or not the right texture, it is time to resurface. Don’t settle on another round of mediocre plaster, call JR Pool Plastering and invest in a Houston TX Wet Edge pool finish today!

Houston TX Fun Facts

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