How Refinishing Your Pool Will Increase The Value Of Your Home

November 10th, 2021

For those skeptical about renovating your swimming pool, you might want to learn how refinishing your pool will increase the value of your home. Upgrading a large portion of your property to increase your home’s value isn’t exactly an eye-opener. But, if you don’t see yourself in the same home years down the road, this could be the move for you.

JR Pools has a refinishing service which would be perfect for those with pool damages. You wouldn’t want to sell your home when your pool has cracks, stains, tile damages, and things of that nature. That will only result in the value of your home decreasing. You should much rather have a pristine pool just waiting to be dived into.

Getting your pool that much-needed upgrade will increase your home’s value up to 8%. Refinishing your pool will seem like your yard got a whole new makeover as well. Not only will your pool look fantastic, but it will become more durable. With a brand new pool, your home will feel even more inviting. Families with children will especially be looking for a fun home to live in for the rest of their lives, and a pool can be the selling factor.

How Refinishing Your Pool Will Increase The Value Of Your Home

Give our team a call for the refinishing pool services we provide. This way, you can increase the value of your Houston home.

Our Refinishing Services

Pools are perfect for homes in warmer climates, as you might know. Not only will refinishing your pool increase your property’s value, but it will make your house feel like a home. This is actually one of the reasons why the value will change.

So, what exactly does this service of ours entail? Well, a pool refinishing basically consists of our team removing the top layer of your pool’s surfacing and replacing it. Then, there will be no damages, and it will be smooth sailing from there.

Your pool will be strong and durable enough to withstand years of use. But why stop at only refinishing your pool? Explore more of our services to get the perfect pool for you. You will not be disappointed.

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