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Pool Resurfacing Companies | Missouri City, TX

Looking for the right pool resurfacing companies Missouri City, TX can seem daunting at first, but knowing exactly what to search for will help immensely. JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. has various options to suit your needs. We know your pool is like your little paradise in the backyard. Pools are havens away from the rigors of everyday life, so you want to have as few worries regarding them as possible.

Figuring out the process and options you have to resurface your pool will come quickly after seeing the options JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. has. Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals are ready to answer any questions, and our services are intended to make your vision of a backyard paradise your reality. Contact us today to get started on resurfacing your pool.

pool resurfacing companies Missouri City, TX

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. is one of the best pool resurfacing companies Missouri City, TX.

Pool Resurfacing Companies Missouri City, TX

One of JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd.’s specialties is pool resurfacing. Calling our experts ensures you will have a top-quality pool by the end of our refinishing process. Of course, you may wonder what the primary reasons for resurfacing a pool are. Extending well beyond just aesthetics, the following are just some of the reasons you may want to consider getting your pool resurfaced:

  • Leaks – A small crack in the pool’s surface may not seem like such a big deal at first, but over time it can transform into a leak that’s extremely difficult to get rid of. The more time you wait to repair a leak, the more it will cost. Getting your pool resurfaced as soon as possible helps remedy this.
  • Material is Falling Off – If you see raw gunite showing through the pool’s surface, you may have a problem. Not only will the surface feel rough like sandpaper, but it could signify other issues your pool has. There could be unbalanced pH levels, and one of our professionals can consult you.
  • Staining – You don’t want your family to be swimming in pool water filled with algae. There may be harmful bacteria lurking around your pool when it has green stains. Resurfacing can change the damage caused by this.

A great time of the year to resurface your pool is in the winter so that by the time summer comes around, you’ll be ready to avoid the humidity that Texas is famous for. It will also ensure that you have your backyard paradise at the most important time of year for that.

How often you resurface your pool depends on the material, but a general rule of thumb is to resurface it every eight to ten years. This rule is barred if one of the issues listed above is happening to your pool. Then you want to take immediate action.

While it’s important to know the practical reasons for the upkeep of resurfacing your pool, sometimes it’s nice to revamp it. Maybe the plain design is starting to feel tired in your backyard. A slight change now and then is nice. Speak with one of our representatives today if you’re ready to make your backyard vision a reality.

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We have several options of Wet Edge plaster, like French Gray, for your pool resurfacing idea. We are among the best pool resurfacing companies around!

Our Offerings

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. has an array of options for you when you resurface your pool. We know how important having a pleasant backyard is, and our main priorities are functionality and design.

We have plaster options that increase the durability of your pool. If you’re going for another look, you may be considering one of our polished options, and we also have some intriguing pebble options that are sure to make your pool feel more like part of the natural scenery.

We know you’re looking to choose top-quality pool resurfacing companies Missouri City, TX, which is why we have so many great design options. We have many options for Wet Edge products. Ask about our Luna Quartz and Altima options!

If you’re looking for a complete remodel of your pool, we can do that too. Our experts take care of every step of the process, from design to implementation. Of course, we listen to your vision. Our primary job is to make that a reality.

JR Pool Plastering & Remodeling Ltd. has various other services that will meet multiple needs. For example, we have experts who can install gunite, one of the most durable pool materials. If you want to be inspired and see more of our services, come check out our previous work.

What are the Pool Resurfacing Steps?

Knowing that the pool resurfacing company will be in your backyard for a while may make you curious about what steps are involved in the process, which lasts five to seven days on average.

  • Drain the Water – We’ll have to drain the pool before we do any work.
  • Preparation – We remove the old surface to make way for the new one.
  • Masonry and Tile – This is when our skilled professionals incorporate the new material you have chosen.
  • Seal and Plumbing – We ensure that there won’t be any leaks once we refill your pool with water.
  • Pool Finish – We use the finish for the surface you have selected in this step.
  • Fill it With Water Again – Now we fill the pool with water, and you’ll be all set to go swimming again.
pool resurfacing companies Missouri City, TX

There’s nothing better than relaxing by the pool. Make sure that your pool is in top shape by the next time you go for a swim. Contact JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. today, one of the best pool resurfacing companies around!

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Don’t wait another year if your pool needs resurfacing now. Our friendly and professional staff will be happy to talk with you about what you’re looking for in your pool. Though our offices are in Houston, we serve the greater area, including Missouri City, Texas. Don’t wait to find your perfect pool resurfacing companies Missouri City, TX so you can have paradise in your own backyard next summer.

Fun Facts Missouri City, TX:

  • Missouri City developed the first operating railroad in Texas.
  • It spans two counties.
  • The recreation center has over ten tennis courts!

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