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Tile Coping

Coping refers to the tile or stone that lines the edge of your pool. This can be found on the inside edge, outside edge, or both. With coping, you can add a colorful splash of tile or classic stone accents. You can tie the bright or earthy colors in with your landscaping and outdoor seating area for a lovely cohesive look.
Coping offers three main benefits to pool owners outside of aesthetics. Firstly, it can help disguise any scum rings that tend to form at your pool’s waterline. Secondly, it can help prevent your concrete pool shell from cracking. And lastly, it protects your skin from burning as you walk around or lounge within your pool on hot days.



Disguise Waterlines

One benefit of tile or stone coping is that it can help disguise that pesky scum ring that can form at your pool’s waterline. A pop colored tile or a subtle stone accent will not only distract the eye, but the materials are actually less likely to form a scum ring in the first place!


The scum lines that form in your pool are also commonly known as bathtub rings.


Coping is less likely to form or show scum lines than plaster or concrete.



Add Stone Accents

Add stone formations to give the curve of your pool a dramatic edge that compliments your other stone accents. Consider adding a water feature such as a cascading fountain within it.


Natural, earthy colors are far from boring!


Stone textures complement all pool finishes!



Improve Aesthetics

Improve your pool’s look with coping that adds to your aesthetic! Add to your clean modern lines or accent the curves of your flowing freeform with the perfect color and texture of tile or stone.


A beautifully bright pop of color!


Natural and earthy colors and textures!



Prevent Burned Skin

Hot sunny days can make the area around your pool incredibly hot to the touch. If you want to walk barefoot around your pool or lounge at your pool’s edges in peace, invest in pleasantly cool coping.


Concrete absorbs heat on hot days. Having concrete around your pool means burned feet!


Stone and tile coping do not hold heat. Install coping around your pool and avoid burned feet!



Protect Concrete

If your concrete is exposed to major temperature changes, shifting soil, or earthquakes, it can crack or shift. Coping helps prevent your concrete pool shell or the concrete surrounding your pool from shifting, cracking, or leaking.

Shifting Soil

The soil around your pool will likely shift over time, protect your investment with coping!


Major temperature changes can cause your shell to crack, coping can help prevent this!



Add Water Features

Updating your pool coping is the perfect opportunity to add water features to your pool! Consider adding popular options such as a waterfall, fountain, or spa.


Add fountains, waterfalls, a spa, or even a pond!


Two popular pond choices are mirror and koi ponds.

Coping is a great way to upgrade your pool’s finish, add a touch of personal flair, prevent burned skin, protect concrete, and disguise your pool’s waterline. Call our local pool experts at (713) 729-5014 for more information on how coping can benefit you and your pool today!

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