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Excavation refers to the clearing of an area an element of your pool or its surrounding area will occupy. For example, if you would like to extend your pool or change your pool’s shape, we will have to remove dirt or existing materials such as concrete to make room for your new pool element. This process may involve removing sections of your existing pool shell, coping, or deck.

Excavation requires attaining city permits and knowledge of building codes. Our pool renovating experts at JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite have more than 40 years of experience handling and walking clients through the paperwork, code, and permit side of this process. While planning renovations requiring excavation, it is important to discuss your plans for any additional installations such as lights or drains as well as details that come later such as pool finishes and coping. Call our experts today to learn more!

The excavation process leads directly into the renovation process in which we bring your vision to life. Before beginning excavation, it is important to discuss plumbing and electrical related additions or changes. These may be within the pool area itself in the need for more drains, filters, lights, or added water or fire features. They may also be out of the pool area in the form of ponds, fountains, or above-ground spas. When making additions or changes to a project that involves excavation, your possibilities for changes and additions are endless!

Fire Features

These dramatic and powerful features come in two main forms – fire bowls and fireplaces. The flickering flames can be placed anywhere in your pool or seating areas. Frame the perimeter overflow edge of your spa with commanding elevated fire bowls. Or consider giving your seating area the warm ambiance only fire features like ours can offer.

Water Features

Add waterfalls or fountains anywhere you can imagine! These versatile water features can be found in your pool, around your pool, in your seating area, or even in your garden! Entertain kids and pets with spouting fountains. Add a serene water wall or bubbling fountain in your garden. Or even add a koi pond or mirror pond almost anywhere!


Spas can be built both in-ground and above-ground. They can flow into your connected pool area with a perimeter overflow edge or stand alone. Whatever your choices we will make sure the shape and look of your spa compliment the aesthetic and style of your vision.

Your Possibilities Are Endless!

Call (713) 729-5014 today to discuss your options and if your vision will require an excavation process. Our local pool experts are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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