August 21st, 2023

Surround, deck, or decking – they’re all names for the same idea. Although not every pool needs one, sometimes, having a hardscape area around your pool area gives it that perfect finishing touch. Refresh your poolside area with new pool decking that can tie together with your overall pool design. JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. can create and build new decking for your pool remodeling project.

When you decide to remodel your pool, one of the ideas that come to the table is building a pool deck. Alongside the pool itself, a pool deck is the next most noticeable thing about your pool area. Whether you choose to add one or rebuild your current pool area during your next pool remodeling project, our experts can show you the best and current options available to you.

Having a pool deck can open more options of customization and decoration around your pool. Although your pool is the centerpiece of your home’s oasis, a pool deck can pull in more of the landscape and define the space that is clearly your poolside area. Not to mention, building a pool decking brings other benefits than aesthetic ones. Learn more from our experts or check out more information in our regular blog posts.

League City TX pool deck resurfacing

After we’re done with your pool, it’ll look amazing!

 Don’t Deck The Halls – Deck Out Your Pool  

Pools can function without a pool deck. However, having one can make all the difference to enjoying your time outside. Not only can pool decking serve as an aesthetic purpose, but they also have functional purposes. Here are a few reasons why you should think about adding a pool deck in your latest pool remodeling project:

  • Provides a safe surface to enter, exit, and walk around the pool.

  • Keeps your pool clean of mud and dirt from your lawn and yard.

  • Dedicates space to your poolside entertainment.

Traditional pool decking is wood, but more modern designs showcase composite materials or natural stone. These materials not only provide a soft surface for you to walk on, but the right treatment can also make them non-slip surfaces. The right pool deck can make entry and exit to your pool easier, making it a great safety addition around your poolside. 

Some people don’t include a pool deck in their initial or remodel drafts. Most think that it’ll take too much effort to maintain and clean both the pool and the surrounding deck. However, as your local pool experts, our team suggests seeing how adding one can actually make cleaning and maintenance easier. Having a deck can delineate a wide area between your pool and the rest of your yard, which can keep mud and dirt from entering your pool when you exit and enter. 

If you’re planning on entertaining yourself or guests in your pool, you can’t go without the right poolside equipment. Having a pool deck can designate the space you need for all of that. Whether you put your barbecuing equipment there, lawn chairs, tables, etc., a pool deck will make the perfect space for your outside get together. 

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. can help you remodel your poolside area to include a pool deck that perfectly matches with the pool design you had in mind. If you want to remodel your entire poolside area, we’re the right team for the job. Contact us today to learn more about how a new pool deck can change up your poolside landscape.

League City, TX concrete pool deck resurfacing

Get League City, TX concrete pool deck resurfacing from professionals to complement both your pool and your home.

 Other Ways a Pool Deck Can Add to the Landscape 

Pool decks work with both above-ground and in-ground pools. Although it’s not necessary to build one around your above-ground pool, a pool deck can still provide you with space to lounge around your pool with less effort than before. Not to mention, having a finished pool deck provides you and your guests a safe walkway to enter and exit the pool from.

You can design your pool deck to match the style of the rest of your pool, so the design flows seamlessly between your pool and the surrounding area. You can also pick out the decking material, and how far your decking will cover. For example, you may have various pool features, such as spa or hot tub additions, that you may want your decking to reach for easy access between the main pool and the spa.

Your pool might be the centerpiece of the space, but having a beautiful decking can ensure that your backyard landscape fits in as a seamless design rather than splotches of different areas that seem thrown together at different times. The right decking material, designs, and colors can effortlessly tie in everything you want to tie in with your pool area.

Decorate Your Deck With All the Right Choices

If you call JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. for our pool services, we can help you remodel everything from your internal workings of your pool to the surrounding decking. Contact us today to discuss everything from the material, shape, color, and overall design of your further pool decking.

Traditionally, most decks are made of properly treated wood. However, modern times call for modern choices that can make your pool unique. A few popular choices of pool decking include concrete, natural stone, pavers, and unglazed tile. Depending on the style of your pool, we can suggest a few options that will create a comprehensive look for your poolside landscape. 

  • Wood – Although wood is the traditional option, you need to treat it to avoid extensive water and insect damage. The better the wood, the less likely the issues. Quality wood options include cedar, ipe, redwood, and teak.

  • Concrete – These decks are the standard because concrete provides extreme durability in the face of weather, water, and other issues that can happen around a pool. We can also texture the surface to prevent slipping and can be designed to fit any landscape.

  • Natural Stone – Stones like travertine, sandstone, limestone, or slate make beautiful additions to any poolside. Properly sealing them will allow them to last a long time and give your pool a sophisticated look. Some stones come in various colors which can give your pool a pop of color without going overboard.

  • Pavers – A mix of natural stone and concrete, you can create elaborate designs with stone pavers. However, like natural stone installations, they take intensive labor, but you’ll get immense satisfaction looking at how everything pulls together once it’s complete.

  • Unglazed Tile – If you have tile coping, having an unglazed tile deck might make it more seamless, depending on the inherent color and design. Tile can feel cool, even when it’s warmer outside. It also has more texture than glazed tile, which provides a slip-resistant surface around your poolside area.

The choice you go with will depend on the style or design you’re going with. For example, if you’re going with a timeless look, a wooden deck might be best to match with the theme. However, if you’re going with a more natural look, natural stone could also be a great choice. You can discuss the pros and cons of each option with our experts so that you can get inspired! 

 Factors You May Want to Know About Pool Decks  

Are pool decks expensive to create and install?

The price of your pool deck will depend on the surface area and material you choose. For example, wood is usually the least expensive option and natural stone is naturally more expensive. However, JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. has pool financing services that can help you obtain the pool deck you want to complete your poolside.

Between durability, aesthetic, and practicality, what is the most important feature for pool decks?

Each factor is important for your pool deck to look and feel good. Rather than focusing on one factor, it’s better to find the best balance between all three. Durability will allow your pool deck to last longer against the elements, practicality will ensure that it’s slip-resistant and function, and aesthetics are self-explanatory. If you’re not sure what type of pool deck is best for you, feel free to ask JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. or check out our past work to get better ideas.

 Your Pool Deck Your Way 

A simple way to remodel or upgrade your pool is to change up your pool deck. Whether you add one or change its design, even the smallest changes can create a new atmosphere around your pool. A pool deck is a great way to tie in the landscape into the overall design of your pool. It’s the intermediary between the rest of your backyard and your pool, so you want something that blends in with the entire view.

That’s why you want a team of experts to help you remodel your poolside area. Let JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. help you redesign how your backyard looks when you call our team today. We help homeowners throughout the Houston area remodel their pools the way they want them.

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