Keeping Your Pool Cool In The Summer

March 23rd, 2022

There is nothing better than jumping into a perfectly cool pool on a blistering hot day. However, what isn’t a blast is jumping into a blistering hot pool and regretting your life decisions. The summer months can bring some of the most brutal heat you can experience in Houston. If you have a pool, there are things you can do that will aid you in keeping it at the perfect temperature.

The first way to cool your pool in the summer is to run your water filter at night. This is likely the most economical way of keeping your pool cool during the summer months and will only be reflected on your utility bills. Another great way to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature is by investing in a chiller or pool cooler.

Chillers are perhaps the most powerful way to cool off your pool. If you live in Houston, this might be the best way to chill the water if you are in a hurry. Basically, a chiller is like an air conditioner that uses fans to cool the water when it goes through the system. A chiller is not only suitable for cooling pools, but it also has the added benefit of saving your pool’s chemical usage as well.

Water Features Are Practical Yet Luxurious

Keeping Your Pool Cool In The Summer

Keeping Your Pool Cool In The Summer is one of the most important things you can do! We also offer excellent pool repair services!

Perhaps the most exciting way you can cool your pool is by adding a water feature. These features come in many forms as fountains, waterfalls, aerators, and more! Not only will your pool be cooled off, but people will be astounded by the extravagant style of your new water feature.

Evaporation is a way water features cool your pool as well. Tiny amounts of water are removed when these water features are working, which helps cool your pool even more!

The More Shade The Better

Keeping Your Pool Cool In The Summer

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When it comes to keeping your pool’s water cool, there is nothing better than old-fashioned shade. The sun seems hotter in Houston than anywhere else on the planet, and keeping your pool out of the direct sunlight is an easy and practical way to cool the water down.

These fixes are simple and are likeliest the easiest way to keep your pool cool in the summer! Also, another added benefit of covering your pool partly with shade is that it slows down the chlorine loss. When your pool receives less UV exposure, it means that you will spend less money on chemicals to treat your pool!

Another way to make your pool cool this summer is by draining it. This is one of the most expensive ways, so we don’t recommend it over the other ways we have listed. However, sometimes this is your best option when nothing else seems to work.

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No matter what style, shape, or design pool you have, JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. can help you keep your pool cool! We have many pool services for you that will save you money, and when you give us a call, we will send an expert right over to you. Houston’s summers are too searing to swim in hot water, so call us today to ensure your pool remains cool as can be!

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