Signs That Let You Know It’s Time For A Repair

July 23rd, 2022

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As a pool owner, you may be proud of your pool’s appearance thus far and the value it adds to your residential area. Alas, pools, as all things, decay and break down over time. Your pool’s water may grow stagnant and dirty, its coping and tile chipped, the plastering faded and discolored.

That’s why it’s so important to keep proper maintenance of your pool, especially for the summer when it is most needed. Not only does it improve the aesthetic appearance of your pool, it can also eliminate safety hazards and prevent major mishaps from happening. Fortunately, there are signs you can learn to spot early on so as to nip any problem in the bud before it grows into a nightmare.

Your Tile or Coping Is Broken

Coping has many uses for your pool beyond just aesthetics. It can disguise scum rings around your pool’s waterline, protect your concrete from crackling, and prevent your skin from burning when you walk around the pool area during hot days. Coping can also prevent any leaks from cracked concrete, thus preserving the integrity of your pool.

If you find your coping is chipped or in disrepair, contact JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. We can help repair and install new coping for you pool.

Your Plastering Is Discolored

When your plastering is faded or discolored, it can lead to cracks in your pool’s infrastructure. Discoloration in pool plastering comes from a lack of imbalance in your pool’s chemistry. This can lead to your pool surfaces becoming rough enough to scrape your feet. This problem is particularly prevalent if you own a saltwater pool or a pool with concrete, shotcrete, or gunite shell. If you do find your plastering outdated, then it may be time to call us so that we can refinish your pool.

The most common type of pool finish is called marcite, which is a traditional white plaster. Other, higher-quality options include polish and premium pebbled options. We highly recommend two Wet Edge products, Altima or Luna Quartz, which have formulas that have been improved for increased durability and longevity.

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Our coping will keep your pool fresh and have your skin feeling nice and comfortable!

Your Pool Parts Are Malfunctioning

A pool is very much like the human body in that if something is wrong with one part of the body, it can effect the other parts as well. A pool’s anatomy is similarly symbiotic in nature, and includes the following: The skimmer, main drain, pump and filter, heater, sanitizer, and plumbing and valves. If any of these pieces don’t function properly, it can lead to problems later on.

Your filter may become clogged by leaves and other debris, as well as the drains and the plumbing. Your heater may stop working, causing an imbalance in your pool’s water chemistry. Broken lights can present a safety hazard in the evenings. Moreover, if haven’t been making sure your pool’s water has enough chlorine, it can quickly become unclean. This can attract all kinds of harmful algae, as well as mosquitoes and other insects that spread diseases, including dangerous viruses.

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JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. is committed to keeping your pool safe and clean for the summer. Should you encounter any of these signs and problems, call us or drop by any of our locations. We’ll repair any broken pool equipment, as well as refinish your plaster and install new tile and coping. Stay safe!

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