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Pearland TX gunite pool resurfacing cost

Home » Pearland TX gunite pool resurfacing cost

Pearland TX gunite pool resurfacing cost

Have you been searching for Pearland TX gunite pool resurfacing cost? Being a homeowner is a lot of work. Especially if you’re a homeowner with a pool. A pool requires a tremendous amount of work. However, the experts at  JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite are here to make it easier. We’re the premier pool repair and remodeling company that will help give you the pool of your dreams. We have been helping people all over Houston and in Pearland get the pool they’ve always wanted, remodeled their existing pool, and fix repairs. All without going over your budget. Since 1982 our motto has been efficiency, integrity, and honesty because it’s what you deserve.

Pearland TX gunite pool resurfacing cost

Pearland TX gunite pool resurfacing cost


Tiles and Coping

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite can help your pool regain back its fantastic look. If your pool is starting to look a little outdated, then you need to consider upgrading your tiles and coping. Pool walls are lined with tile called coping, which offers both functional and aesthetic value. This small detail gets overlooked for many homeowners. As a result, people often don’t realize when they need to replace their tiles and coping. Bad tile and coping is the result of a poorly installed pool or little maintenance on it. Tiles and coping have three main functions.

The first reason is that tiles and coping prevent scum rings from forming around your pool. These rings develop on the waterline of the water and stain the side of your pool. This is a build-up from organic matter that collects in the pool.

Secondly, tiles and coping prevent the shell of your pool from developing a crack. And lastly, they offer protection by cooling the edge of the pool. The sun can make the edge of the pool very hot, and if you’re swimming, you could get burned. Tiles and coping are the best options to cool the side of your pool. Whether you’re trying to upgrade your pool with a new stylish tile of looking for Pearland TX gunite pool resurfacing cost and services, we’re the people you need.

Pearland TX gunite pool resurfacing cost

We have a wide variety of tiles that make your pool look beautiful.

How to Prevent Scum Lines Around My Pool

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite are the pool experts you need. If your tiles and coping have scum rings, then they are some things you could do to get rid of them. The first step is to lower the water a few inches to scrub the scum line a lot better. Then use a pool cleaning spray or tile cleaner and a brush. Some products you can use to clean are:

  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Borax
  • Dish Soap

However, if the problem persists or the waterline is too deep into your tile, then you need to call us at (713)-729-5014. We have a wide variety of tiles and accents that will complement and enhance your home’s aesthetic.


We’ve made a name for ourselves all these years through our excellent plastering services. It’s even in our name. Our plastering is the most durable and stylish pool finishing your pool can have. Our team of experts has all the tools to work hard and diligently. This service is ideal for homeowners with pools who have become discolored or cracked and want a new stylish look. We have two fantastic plaster products from Wet Edge. Altima and Luna Quartz will give your pool a plaster that is both durable and affordable. More importantly, having great plaster will prevent cracks in the future. Cracks are not only annoying, but they are also time-consuming fixes that cost a lot.

Give us a call, and we’ll take a look at your pool. We will determine if your pool is leaking because of a crack or a plumbing related issue. If that’s the case, we’ll fix it for you. If your pool’s chemistry is weak or not maintained, then it’s a candidate for deterioration. This leads to a rough surface on your pool and injured toes.  Finding the best Pearland TX gunite pool resurfacing cost has never been more accessible.

Pearland TX gunite pool resurfacing cost

We offer the best plastering services for affordable prices.

What Causes Plaster Cracks

Pool owners will often ignore cracks thinking they are not essential or minor. But if not taken care of, a crack could develop into larger cracks, and this could cost you a lot in repairs. That’s why the best time to take care of a crack is when you first see one. The most common reason for cracks in pools is caused by:

  • How the pool was designed – During the installation process, if the people building the pool do not take into consideration the soil, it could lead to cracks. When making a pool, you need to test the load-bearing capability. This will help the stability your pool will have once it is complete. If this was ignored, then your pool’s instability could be the cause.
  • Poor Craftmanship – Many homes come with pre-installed pools. And during construction, it could be possible that the job was rushed, and many vital elements were ignored. For example, adding too much water to the cement mix poorly installed rebar, and sped curating process. These are all factors that could lead to cracks in the future.
  • Issues with the soil – The soil underneath is critical. The ground needs to be compacted for better stability. Additionally, soil movement or expansive soil could easily cause cracks.

Pearland TX gunite pool resurfacing cost

When it comes to finding the best pool services for affordable prices, JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite is your best option. There isn’t a job that’s too small or big for us to handle. We’ve helped many homeowners get the custom pools they’ve always dreamed of and repair any issues they could have. Our services include excavation, rebar, plastering, remodeling, tile and coping, and erosion control. Your outdoor area should be an oasis for all to enjoy. There is a reason why, after forty years, we have still been going strong, and clients keep returning. It’s because we’re proud to be serving you and your pool needs. Pearland TX gunite pool resurfacing cost shouldn’t break your bank account, so give us a call today.

Fun Facts about Pearland, TX

  • Pearland’s population has grown a lot. The community was 400 in 1914 and grown over one hundred thousand in 2013.
  • It was named after the abundance of pear trees that grew in the region.
  • The first post office of Pearland was established in 1893. To learn more interesting facts, click here.

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