Update Your Pool Plastering for the Upcoming Summer Season

May 17th, 2023

If you are looking to update the plaster on your backyard swimming pool, look no further than JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. One of our company’s featured services is updated plastering for your pool. The main services we offer include pool remodeling, pool plastering, excavation, and tile coping.

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Update your pool plaster for the summer season today!

Signs Your Pool Needs New Plaster

Over time, your pool finish may become cracked, discolored, or outdated. These are all signs that you should schedule the replastering of your current pool. The traditional white pool plaster you may have or have seen before is called marcite.

The problem with marcite is that it isn’t as durable as some of the newer plaster formulas. It is prone to degrading much more quickly than is convenient. Improperly maintained pool chemistry will make the surface of the pool walls rough to the touch.

When your pool becomes too deteriorated, it can lead to leaks and cracks that damage and stress the shell of the pool. A rough pool surface can also pose a danger as it scratches against your skin. Get new pool plaster to avoid serious scrapes on your feet, hands, and other parts of your body.

Additionally, if your pool has cracks and leaks, they can be fixed during replastering. You can benefit from repairs while enjoying a brand-new look for your pool. A fresh and clean plaster can brighten up your whole yard.

Cinco Ranch TX Pool Replastering

Check out the plaster color options for your swimming pool; we have many options available to your satisfaction.

Some types of pools sustain more damage faster than others. Saltwater pools or pools with concrete, shotcrete, or gunite shells are more susceptible to faster deterioration. If you want to commit to a pool remodel to avoid these problems in the future, call JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd.

Recommended Finishing Products

Our company has a line of plaster finishing products that we recommend to our customers and clients. Wet Edge is a brand with a fantastic product line. These plasters are more durable because of a special and specific formula. This improved formula will provide the longevity you’ve been looking for.

Wet Edge offers several kinds of plaster finishes, including plaster options, premium pebbled options, and polished options. If you want the plaster option, we can recommend some specific colors that will delight you. Altima and Luna Quartz are two of the most popular options.

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. is a company that can provide you with the most high quality and vibrant pool plasters on the market. You can visit one of our locations today to learn more about what we do, or you can call our phone to receive answers to any of your questions. Call or visit today!

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