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River Oaks TX Gunite Pool Repair

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River Oaks TX Gunite Pool Repair

For the highest quality of River Oaks TX Gunite Pool Repair services, contact the team here at JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite. Our team of pool professionals has helped countless homeowners as they aim to repair their swimming pools. Simply put, our services are here to get backyard pools and spa back to their best condition. We have served the Greater Houston area for over 40 years, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Our goal is simple. We want to make pools and their surrounding areas as beautiful, functional, and safe as possible. After all, pools are a valuable element to any home. If your pool needs work or you simply need to remodel to make it your dream pool, contact our team of experts today. Our commitment to excellence hasn’t wavered one bit, so you can bet that’ll we’ll leave you truly satisfied.

About River Oaks TX Gunite Pool Repair

Gunite is known to be durable and adaptable material that’s commonly used in building swimming pools. Essentially, gunite is a form of concrete. The pool installer will make gunite by mixing a type of cement, sand, and water. This mixture creates gunite and is evenly applied to the poll foundation in order to line it. One sign that you need a pool repair is any leak you notice in the pool.

River Oaks TX Gunite Pool Repair

River Oaks TX Gunite Pool Repair

Common Problems

Before you start looking at how to fix your gunite pool, you should get familiar with common issues for concrete swimming pools. Every type of pool comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Gunite pools are no exception.

Cracks and Leaks

Although all types of pools are susceptible to crack, some are more prone than others. Most concrete pools will crack sooner or later, particularly if it’s up there in age. With that said, there are certain factors that can make your pool more prone to crack, even if you just had it built.

Whenever you notice a crack in your pool, it’s probably due to poor installation, or/and poor design. Simply put, pools that weren’t designed or installed the correct way are always going to be more susceptible to cracks that may go through the pool’s shell. These are the same cracks that lead to bad leaks.

While cracks are relatively common, not all of them cause leaks. Some leaks will only go through the pool finish or paint. While surface cracks are a sore eye, they don’t typically cause any type of leaking. Substantial leaks are caused by cracks that go right through the layer of concrete beneath the pool’s finish.

Lifting from the Ground

On some occasions, concrete pools can begin to pop out of the ground. To prevent this, it’s highly recommended that pool owners have a hydrostatic valve installed and maintained the right way.

Plaster Flaking Off

When it comes to gunite pools, one of the most common pool finishes is plaster. Just like with cracks, improper plastering techniques can cause the plaster to start flaking off. The best bet for your pool plastering is opting for highly experienced and professional installation contractors. You can count on us for the most reliable River Oaks TX Gunite Pool Repair services.

Pool Repair Experts

Pool Repair Experts

Pool Discoloration

Like many other stone surfaces, concrete is porous, and it will readily absorb stains. While pool discoloration is not as serious of a problem, pool owners can become frustrated. Discoloration can be caused by imbalanced water chemistry. The way to counter this is by testing your pool’s pH to ensure that the pool chemistry is maintained, consequently preventing discoloration.

Repair Methods

Depending on the problem your pool has, there are several repair methods out there. Some common techniques for pool repairs you may have heard of, including:

  • Replastering
  • Acid washing
  • Plumbing repairs

Replastering if very effective for rough pool surfaces, surface cracks, and flaking plaster. For overly rough pool surfaces, acid wash is a great option as calcium deposited helps in various ways. All in all, gunite pool problems can be prevented through professional pool maintenance, which includes an optimal pool pH and the correct installation methods.

Fixing Shell Cracks

Pool cracks that go deeper than the pool’s plaster surface require more intensive repair than other types of issues. On the other hand, cracks that are minor can be fixed through a relatively simple process.

First, pool repair specialists use grinders or drills to make the crack wider before filling it in. The next step in the repair process is cleaning out the crack properly. Afterward, the pool paster will be used to fill the crack up.

In some extreme cases, a gunite pool could actually crack in half. When this happens, the only solution is extreme River Oaks TX Gunite Pool Repair service. Contact our team at your earliest convenience, and we’ll take care of the problem for you the right way.

Pool Maintenance Tips

The best way to prevent the need for repairs is through proper pool maintenance. Here are some useful tips to stay on top o your pool’s maintenance:

  • Cleaning debris from your pool
  • Checking the filter
  • Maintain proper pH and chemical balance
  • Allow your pump to run daily
  • When water is murky and with algae, use an acid wash

Generally speaking, pools will need a proper acid wash approximately every 5-7 years. One way to know if your pool needs an acid wash is checking for murky waters.

Why Choose Concrete Pools?

Gunite pools are a great choice as they are quite durable and offer endless design options. When you want a pool that fits exact measurements, then gunite can make that dream pool a reality.

Contact our team of pool experts today

Contact our team of pool experts today

Another great benefit of choosing concrete pools is that they don’t have to be plastered or painted. Moreover, gunite pools can also be tiled out. Most problems with gunite pools come from the plastering rather than the pool itself.

River Oaks TX Gunite Pool Repair

If your pool is in need of repairs, contact the experts at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite. You can reach our team at (713) 729-5014. For more information, visit our see our work or plastering webpages. All in all, you won’t find better River Oaks TX Gunite Pool Repair services anywhere else.

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