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River Oaks TX Pool Remodeling

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River Oaks TX Pool Remodeling

If you are interested in any kind of River Oaks TX pool remodeling from adding water features to making your pool more accommodating to your needs, we are the contractor to trust. Call JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. at (713) 729-5014 and ask about what we can do to help transform your backyard today.

River Oaks TX Pool Remodeling

Have your needs changed since you built your pool?

Is your pool safe for your kids and pets to play in? We can modify your existing tanning ledge to make a safe area for them to splash and play. Is one of your loved ones Deaf or hard of hearing? We can install lights for you to flash when you need to get their attention. Do you have friends or loved ones with physical disabilities? We can accommodate your stairs and railings to their specific needs.

Have your wants changed since you built your pool?

Do you wish you had invested in cascading waterfalls, a relaxing spa, or other pool or landscaping features? It’s not too late! Call JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. today to discuss your options.

Fire Features

Houston TX pool remodeling

Combine fire and water features for a unique and powerful look!

There are 4 types of fire features you can place around your pool’s perimeter or in your deck seating area.

Firstly, fire bowls can make a dramatic addition. These bowls come in many shapes and sizes and are perfect for accenting long ledges, waterfalls, spas, and seating areas. Many choose to elevate their fire bowls slightly above the main ledge for a powerful look. Secondly, it is also common to combine this fire feature with a fountain or waterfall.

Thirdly, fire boxes are often placed along perimeter walls. These boxes can sit on top of a ledge so that you can watch the flames dance with or without a glass case. Alternatively, these boxes can sit within a pocket in the surface of the ledge. This style of fire box also comes with or without a protective glass box. Lastly, these boxes can also be placed withing recessed areas of walls. It is then referred to as a fire wall.


Waterfalls can be used to accent fire features in many stunning ways. Another powerful example of this combination is the inclusion of a water wall behind a fire wall in your deck’s seating area. This provides a uniquely warm ambiance.

Outside of their combinations with fire features, waterfalls provide a majestic view when featured solo or alongside other water features.

For example, a long waterfall can be used to form a wall of water to separate a small enclosed cove-like area of a pool off from the rest of the pool.

River Oaks TX pool remodeling

Cascading waterfalls are a great addition to the landscaping around your pool.

A waterfall can cascade through a rock formation under a palm tree to complement your freeform oasis style pool.

Or, you can add a waterfall to the edge of a ledge or spa edge to add an infinity or overflow edge to a compliment the clean flowing lines of your modern pool.

Beyond these examples, waterfalls can be placed outside of the pool area entirely.

Frame an area of your garden or other landscaped area with a riverbed like stream accented by a small waterfall at its starting point.

Place 3 or more smaller waterfalls asymmetrically along a wall in your garden. This can be done with or without leading to a pond.

This water feature is as versatile as it is soothing to listen to. Add a waterfall anywhere you can imagine!


Another versatile water feature is the fountain.

Frame your majestic waterfall or water wall with fountains. Program a light and water show to entertain your children or guests. Add spouting fountains near a shallow tanning ledge in your pool to make a splash area for young children to play and enjoy.

Like waterfalls, your fountain options extend beyond your pool’s perimeter.

Consider adding a bubbling birdbath to your garden area. Do you have beautiful steps leading to your pool area, seating area, or home? Add a spouting fountain to jump alongside you or a cascading fountain to make the area literally flow towards your destination.

You can even add fountains to in-ground or above-ground spas and ponds! This popular accent entertains fish, children, pets, and adults alike while accenting your style and silhouette choices.


Ponds range in size from small, self-contained bowl with a built-in filter or fountain to ponds large enough to comfortably lounge or swim in.

The 2 most common pond requests we receive are for mirror ponds and fish ponds. Fish ponds most commonly include goldfish or koi. These ponds can be in-ground or above-ground, and we highly recommend accenting your non-mirror pond with spouting or cascading fountains. Japanese fountains complement koi ponds especially well.


Shape, placement, and added water features all make your spa unique.

River Oaks TX pool remodeling

Add a relaxing spa during your River Oaks TX pool remodeling project.

When adding a spa to an existing pool, the first step is to choose the shape. Spas come in a small range of shapes to compliment your pool’s style and silhouette. If your pool is round, kidney-shaped, or a custom freeform shape, you should consider adding a round or custom spa to complement your pool’s curves. Instead, if you have a modern geometric style pool, you should consider adding a square or rectangular spa to compliment the clean lines of your pool.

After the shape and placement are determined, you can opt to add water features. Common selections include massage jets, cascading fountains, infinity edges, waterfalls, and water walls.

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Call our Houston office at (713) 729-5014 for more information on the fire features, water features, and landscaping options we have available in the River Oaks area!

Don’t wait for the hot Texas summer to decide you aren’t happy with your pool. Call JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. and let us improve the functionality and aesthetics of your backyard investment. Our remodeling service can help you!

Make us the contractor for all of your River Oaks TX pool remodeling needs today!

River Oaks TX Fun Facts

  1. The very first playground in River Oaks opened in 1947.
  2. Most of the current housing options in River Oaks were built during the 1940s.
  3. You can trace the roots of the city back to the 1800s.
  4. For further information regarding River Oaks TX, look here!

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