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River Oaks TX Pool Plaster

No one can do pool design like JR Pool Plastering when it comes to River Oaks TX Pool Plaster. Why consider any other pool place when the best-of-the-best are here for you, right over at JR’s?

River Oaks TX Pool Plaster

When it comes to something as beloved and frequently used as your swimming pool, there can be a lot of indecision when deciding on the plaster design.

River Oaks TX Pool Plaster

JR Pool Plastering is the premier pool repair company.

Luckily, JR Pool Plastering is here for you to make the decision much more manageable. With their extensive selection of designs for all pool-owner needs in the Greater Houston area, there’s never been a better time than now to get your pool re-plastered.

Background of River Oaks

The city of River Oaks is a small but growing one within the Greater Houston Area.

With a population of just 7,685, according to the 2019 U.S. census, there’s not a whole lot of people living in this area. However, when it comes to pool owners, over 7,000 people means there are bound to be plenty of pools.

Pools need upkeep and extensive care to maintain their luxurious, relaxing energy. That’s where JR Pool Services comes into play. You’ll no longer find yourself having to google River Oaks TX Pool Plaster with their extensive collection!

Why Choose JR Pool Plastering?

There are a few different services in River Oaks that claim to offer the best pool remodeling and re-plaster services. Because of this, it’s no wonder to see why the decision to choose JR’s location may be a hesitant one.

Here at JR Pool Plastering, we only hire the most trustworthy and experienced employees to handle the job. This is because we know how vital pool projects and renovations are to you, and you want to hire a company you know you can trust.

River Oaks TX Pool Plaster

Call today to find out more about what JR Pool Plastering can do for you!

Due to our strong commitment to giving our customers the highest quality and standards, we have made a proud name for ourselves here in the River Oaks community and Houston’s in general.

We have been in the business and serving the community for over four decades, which is quite a long time to maintain a pool business. We got this far because at the forefront of our minds is customer satisfaction: they receive functional, aesthetic, and safe pool renovations.

Going through JR Pool Plastering ensures that you’re getting the most bang-for-your-buck possible in the world of backyard pool renovating.

Our Area of Expertise

We sure do specialize in quite a lot; some might refer to us as the jack of all trades when it comes to pool renovation and redecorating.

We specialize in all forms of pool service renovation, from areas like gunite, remodeling, excavation, rebar, tile and coping, and of course, plastering.

Each of these areas are treated with the utmost care and specific handle that you only see with experienced workers in the game of remodeling and renovation.


Not many people are aware of what gunite is, and it just so happens to be a specialized field of ours. Gunite is a form of sprayable cement made out of dry cement mix, water, and sand.

This gunite is sprayed onto a three-dimensional rebar structure out of an extremely high pressured hose.

There is a particular curing process that’s undergone with gunite pools, helping prevent cracks and leaks in the future. These types of pools are specifically known for their flexibility of design. Gunite pools are also known for:

  • Versatility
  • Protection
  • Durability
  • Application ease

This sprayable cement takes on any shape, perfecting lines or gently flowing with curves with no trouble. We can remodel or add onto specifically shaped pools or even create a vision specified for you with gunite!


Another big project we take on here at JR Pool Plastering is that of remodels. Whether it’s minor repairs or entirely new renovations, there’s no job too big or small for us to take on.

River Oaks TX Pool Plaster

Don’t wait- clean that pool up today with JR Pool Plastering.

Between patching up cracks, fixing leaks, or changing the shape entirely, we are the most professional subcontractors in all of River Oaks for your pool needs!

You can always add on to your current pool if you want to shake things up a bit. We offer inclusions like tanning ledges, fire features, spas, and water features.

Why not spice up your backyard pool with a waterfall, or frame your current spa with a dramatic and luxurious fire bowl? You have an endless number of possibilities for River Oaks TX Pool Plaster remodeling here at JR Pool Plastering.


Finally, one of the most critical aspects of pool remodeling. The plastering, which is one of the top-notch services we take immense pride in.

People typically have a traditional white plaster for their pool finish, which is otherwise known as marcite. If the pool finish you have currently on your pool is discolored, cracked, or simply outdated, it’s probably time for a refinish!

When planning to re-plaster your pool, you should also consider upgrading features. Features such as adding waterfalls, or fire pits close by, can create an influx of value on your property.

What sounds better than increasing property value while also enjoying the relaxation of these impressive inclusions? I can’t think of a thing!

Give our top-tier experts a call to find out more (713)-729-5014; they’ll gladly talk to you about all kinds of renovation and re-plastering options!

We like to take two different routes when re-plastering, using one of two particular Wet Edge products: Luna Quartz or Altima.

These options are the best quality out on the market to date. We even carry specific durability plaster options, like premium polished or pebble flooring choices.

The plasters we use are created with formulas designed to increase your pool’s total durability and longevity. If there’s a leak, crack in the shell, or plumbing issue, our pros here at JR Pool Plastering are the ones to call.

The searching for River Oaks TX Pool Plaster here in Texas can stop right at the foot of JR Pool Plastering. With everything you need to be the pool-envy of the neighborhood, there’s no competition on who to go with.


What’re you waiting for? Stop ignoring your pool’s maintenance needs, and spruce it up a bit.

River Oaks TX Pool Plaster findings have never been easier with affordable, quality materials than with JR Pool Plastering.

Fun Facts of River Oaks

  • River Oaks is located by the West Fork of the Trinity River, downstream of Lake Worth.
  • The city is exactly 1.9 square miles.
  • The first settler of River Oaks was James Ventioner in 1849.
  • For more interesting facts, please visit the official site!

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