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Seabrook TX Gunite Pool Repair

When it comes to Seabrook TX Gunite Pool Repair services, you can always count on the team here at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite. With four decades of experience, our pool care experts have helped countless homeowners by finding the best pool repair solutions for them. Our goal is simple. We work to keep our clients safe and get them the pool of their dreams.

Our pool remodeling services haves helped pool owners keep their filter clear, repair cracks, replaster, and much more. All in all, we’re the go-to choice for all things Seabrook TX Gunite Pool Repair Services. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, as we’re the best pool experts around. Contact our team today to learn more.

About Seabrook TX Gunite Pool Repair

Gunite (also referred to as shotcrete) is an adaptable and long-lasting material that’s often used to build swimming pools. While many people actually think that gunite and shotcrete are different, they actually refer to the same thing. They both fall under the umbrella of concrete.

Seabrook TX Gunite Pool Repair

Seabrook TX Gunite Pool Repair

You’ll probably hear some people refer to concrete pools as gunite pools and vice versa. This mixture is applied evenly to pool foundations in order to line it. With that said, gunite pools, like every other pool, are susceptible to damage and will eventually need some sort of repair.

Common Gunite Pool Problems

Before you start looking for a pool repair service, the first thing you should do is get familiar with the frequent problems that affect gunite pools. Every type of pool has its advantages and its shortcomings. Gunite pools, while great in their own right, are no exception to the rule.

Cracks and Leaks

While any pool is vulnerable to cracking, there are some pools that are more prone to this type of damage. Most concrete pools will eventually crack in some way or another, especially older pools. The bright side is that there are many ways to remedy this problem and to prevent it altogether. However, there are also certain factors that make pools more prone to cracking, regardless of how new the pool is.

A common reason for pool cracks is poor pool design and installation. A pool that isn’t designed correctly and one that isn’t installed the properly will more than likely be more prone to cracks and leaks than their counterparts. Cracks that penetrate the pool’s shell are the cracks that will lead to bad leaks.

With that said, lots of pools will develop surface cracks, which only affect the paint or the pool’s finish. While these surface cracks are not pleasant to look at, they won’t typically cause any types of leaking. On the other hand, if a crack goes through the concrete layer under the pool’s finish, then there is cause for concern over a leak will develop.

Rough Pool Surface

Gunite pool surfaces are rougher than vinyl and fiberglass, but not by much. This rough pool surface provided a comprehensive compromise between comfort and slip resistance.

If you’re not happy with how rough your gunite pool is, there are solutions to take into account. When slightly grazing the surface of the pool causes discomfort or a nasty scratch, then you’re pool’s surface is probably too rough.

There are several reasons for a pool to become so rough. These reasons include excessive surface cracks, delamination, and calcium nodules, all of which contribute to the problem.

Lifting from Ground

Every now and then, we’ll come across a gunite pool that pops out of the ground. To prevent this problem, the best bet is to turn to Seabrook TX Gunite Pool Repair experts such as our selves to install and maintain a hydrostatic valve. Call us today to learn more about this type of pool repair.

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Flaking Plaster

Keep in mind that plaster is one of the most frequently used finishes for gunite pools. Similar to cracks, improper plastering methods will lead to problems, leading to the need of replastering services. The best bet to avoid problems with your pool’s plaster is choosing an experienced and skilled installation contractor. This will help prevent spalling.

Pool Discoloration

Being a porous stone, concrete will readily absorb stains. While pool discoloration is more of a minor issue in gunite pools, it’s still one that leaves pool owners very frustrated. A common reason for this to happen is imbalanced water chemistry. As such, you should have your pool’s pH tested to ensure that pool chemistry is maintained properly in order to prevent discoloration.

Other common forms of discoloration can be caused by an absence of water line tile and flawed plastering during installation. Frequent pauses when filling the pool can also lead to your pool discolorating.

Gunite Pool Repair Methods

How you go about repairing your gunite pool will depend on what problem you may have. Some of the most common methods for repairing pools include:

  • Replastering
  • Acid washing
  • Plumbing repairs

For the most part, pool problems can be reduced and prevented through proper pool maintenance. Simply put, keeping an optimal pool pH, and proper installation methods go a long way.

Pool problems like rough pool surfaces, flaking plaster, and surface cracks can be solved through replastering services. Furthermore, for overly rough pool surfaces, the solution may lie in Acid wash services. This is true as calcium deposits cause many of the issues that are present. Last but not least, plumbing repairs can also help in many ways.

Pool repair experts will help by removing large parts of the pavement or poolside in order to gain access to the plumbing leak.

Pool Maintenance Tips

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Proper maintenance of your pool will definitely help in terms of preventing any major problems. Moreover, here are some ways you can stay on top of your pool’s well-being:

  • Clean pool debris regularly.
  • Check the pool’s filter.
  • Maintain proper pH and chemical balance
  • Allow pups to run daily.
  • Acid wash the pool when the water is murky.

Seabrook TX Gunite Pool Repair

For the best Seabrook TX Gunite Pool Repair services around, call (713) 729-5014. You can also get more information by browsing our see our work or our plastering webpages. You won’t find better Seabrook TX Gunite Pool Repair services anywhere else, we guarantee it.

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