Retaining Walls: A Mixture of Beauty and Erosion Control

July 23rd, 2018

If you or your neighbors have slopes across your land, storm runoff can pose a threat to the health of your pool. Sediment and other debris can quickly overflow into your pristine water, which upsets the pH balance. If not adequately handled, moisture levels can increase causing additional problems to the decking and even the foundations of structures around your pool. The resulting cracking and shifting is not only inconvenient and unattractive, but it is also an avoidable expense.

Retaining Walls: A Mixture of Beauty and Erosion Control

Take care of the land around your pool with retaining walls.

Why put your backyard oasis at risk when there are a variety of erosion control options available? From swales and berms to French drains, a little movement of dirt can go a long way to protecting your investment. At JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, Ltd., we understand the dangers of not diverting water suitably. We work with you to ensure the best results for the aesthetics around the outside of your home.

Encompass Beauty and Functionality with Terraces and Retaining Walls

While a swale may move rain away from your foundation and pool, why not take advantage of the beauty and functionality of a terrace or a retaining wall to control erosion? Consider these benefits:

  • Make the most of your backyard: Do you love flowers? Maybe you would like to grow a few vegetables, but backyard space is at a premium. Terraces can give you the area you need to create a series of mini gardens.
  • Shorter slopes allow water to soak in: Texas gets hot, and water is at a premium. Not only can you beautify your home, but a series of terraces can also slow precious rain down so that it can soak into your soil.
  • Create privacy while conserving water: Adding a retaining wall provides additional practical options, such as a privacy fence. Imagine keeping nosy onlookers from peeking into your pool party.
  • Provide additional seating for guests: Terraces need to be supported, and a retaining wall can provide that support while offering seating. Imagine sitting among some beautiful landscaping while sipping a glass of wine with friends.

Practicality does not have to overrun beauty when you use terraces and retaining walls in your swimming pool area. Let it blend in or stand out. Your options are only limited by your imagination. Get creative with various plants and materials likes stone, brick, or concrete to enhance your home’s landscape.

Hire Experienced Erosion Control Contractors

Retaining Walls: A Mixture of Beauty and Erosion Control

We can help you improve your outdoor living space!

Eroding soil is a serious matter, but it can be effectively controlled if you integrate the surrounding soil aesthetically. Protect and beautify your backyard oasis with help from the team at JR Pool Plastering. We have the experience to help you create a magnificent area and work within your budget.

For over 30 years, we have worked with Greater Houston home and business owners in gunite pool repair, erosion control, and excavation. Let us assist you in protecting your aquatic haven.

Call our pool company at 713-729-5014 and speak to our team about erosion control or request a quote for retaining walls or a terrace. We would love to transform your outdoor living space into something special!

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