Choose Gunite for Your Next Pool Project – Houston’s Trusted Commercial Gunite Contractor Tells You Why

November 19th, 2018

Across the country, in-ground pools are installed for aquatic centers, apartment communities, homeowners’ associations, and private property owners. With each project come responsibilities and choices. From obtaining the proper permits to guiding a client through the process of picking out tile and coping, building a new swimming pool is a lengthy process where the right material does matter.

Today’s options are nearly endless, making it much easier to get the ideal look your customer is aiming for. Choosing between fiberglass, vinyl-lined, and gunite should be the easiest decision to make. When they select gunite, you know your client is getting the best value for their dollar. The experts on our team are experienced commercial gunite contractors. We can help you give your customer the watery oasis they have been dreaming of.

Benefits of Installing a Gunite Pool

Many will look at fiberglass and vinyl-lined options and think that is the obvious choice for them. They are relatively low-maintenance and are less expensive to install. However, there are some more significant benefits of using gunite:

  • Designs and Shapes Are Flexible: The beauty of this material is that it can be molded and shaped to fit your client’s desire. They can have the perfect size for their backyard landscape or the neighborhood hangout.
  • Finishing Materials Make it Personal: There are plenty of finishes to choose from to coordinate with a house or to stand out. Choices include aggregate, tile, quartz, and glass beading. The colors and patterns are practically endless. Only you and your client’s imaginations will be the limiting factor.
  • Durability Means Longevity: The verdict is out. A custom gunite pool is built to last for decades. The warranties are almost as long. While this material may cost more upfront, the longevity makes it pay for itself over the years.
  • They are Simpler to Construct: Unlike concrete which can take a long time to build and is subject to the outdoor temperatures, the rebar framework makes spraying the concrete and sand mixture simple with much less time.
  • Many More Amenities to Choose From: Your client doesn’t have to stop at just the pool. They can add streams, spas, waterfalls, built-in barstools, irregular underwater benches, and tanning ledges. The flexibility can be quite surprising and allows for full use of your imagination.

Hire a Dependable and Experienced Houston Commercial Gunite Contractor

Give your client the swimming pool of their dreams that will last for decades when you suggest building with gunite. Their haven will be a testament to your designing ability. For over 30 years, JR Pool Plastering & Gunite has served area contractors and homeowners with installing, remodeling, and restoring backyard oases. We know and understand how this top-quality material should be applied, and we can make your next project shine.

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