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Houston TX Swimming Pool Renovation Near Me

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Houston TX Swimming Pool Renovation Near Me

Are you searching for a “Houston TX swimming pool renovation near me?” If you are considering a pool remodel, then you should contact JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite. Our services will help you and other pool owners make their Houston pool so much better.

Over time, pools can lose their appeal, especially if it was built a long time ago. There is a variety of reasons you could choose to remodel your pool. The main reason is most likely it no longer has the look or comfort you want. There are other reasons too, but we understand how important your pool oasis is.

Houston TX Swimming Pool Renovation Near Me

Turn your old pool into an oasis with JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite.

JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite offer premium and high-quality pool remodeling services. We have served the Greater Houston area for decades and have left several clients satisfied. You can expect your pool remodel to leave you just as satisfied or better.

Pool remodeling also offers a variety of benefits for homeowners. Even if your remodel is low impact, or you want the entire pool refurbished, our team is capable of the job. We can include a variety of features capable of boosting your pool’s appearance and atmosphere. Our designers will work closely with you to develop a pool of your dreams.

Reasons for Pool Remodel

You may be unsure if a pool remodel is right for you. Fortunately, there are several features about your current pool you look for to determine if a remodel is right. Our pool remodeling in Houston is done by a professional and experienced team. They do a great job of getting you all the pool features you want.


The age of your pool will play a large part in the quality it currently sits at. Older pools were made with materials that were not developed to last long. With that said, your pool could be showing its age. In addition, age will determine how well your pool operates. For example, older pumps will not operate as efficiently as modern pumps. In fact, older pumps often consumed excess energy or fuel. Making the upgrade to a new pump will reduce energy consumption and save you money.


With age comes damage. Of course, your pool does not have to be old to have damage. Pools are built to withstand a variety of factors: chemicals, weather, animals, etc. In addition, your pool coping may deteriorate, or your pool deck may crack. These issues can cause safety risks or cost you more money. For example, a crack in the base of your pool will cause a leak. In order to keep your pool full, you’ll need to keep adding water.


Houston TX Swimming Pool Renovation Near Me

Safety is important all pools and a renovation may help improve it.

The safety of your pool is the biggest feature. Pools can be dangerous to young children, so it is important your pool has safety features to prevent any problems. Unfortunately, older pools do not have the safety features the 21st century has developed. The team at JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite can make your pool safer in a few different ways.

Improved Pool Features

Our design team implements the multiple features you want into your pool. They will work closely with you to develop the pool design you are wanting. Pools can house a number of different features. Once you have decided your pool needs a remodel, our team gets to work in getting you the right look. Your pool is an oasis and should never be short of that feeling.


Elegance and romance describe the addition of a waterfall to your pool. We are capable of adding a number of different waterfalls to your home. They can also be implemented in a few different ways. Our team will show you waterfalls we think you will like and incorporate them into the design. For a more modern waterfall, consider a sheer water wall where the water trickles down the wall. It adds modernism and sophistication to your pool.


Imagine having a spa in your backyard. You can easily slip into your swimsuit and relax from a long day of work. Spas or spillover pools add a sense of style and complexity to your pool. Your pool could take the shape of a high-class hotel pool, which has all the stand-out features. These spas can be connected to the pool and partitioned using a curtain of bubbles, or they can be completely separated.

Tanning Ledge

Houston TX Swimming Pool Renovation Near Me

Tanning ledges are a great way to add style to your pool.

The tanning ledge is a great safety feature and an even better luxury. This ledge is on the side of the pool with a few inches of water over it. This area of the pool makes for a great kids pool as it does not pose the same threats as other parts of the pool. At the same time, you can live luxurious while the water sits right underneath you while you tan.

LED Lights and Jets

The pairing of LED lights and jets make for a beautiful looking pool. Incorporate lights with deck jets and your pool will be ready for a party, Deck jets eject water from the deck back into the water. They pair greatly with LED lights as the beam of water is easily encapsulated in several colors of your choice.


Grottos originate from ancient Rome and are cavernous-like coverings. They typically cover a portion of the pool or a spa. The structure looks like the entrance to a cave. Grottos can be made from man-made materials or natural materials. You can even incorporate a waterfall at the entrance of the grotto.

Houston TX Swimming Pool Renovation Near Me

If you are interested in our swimming pool renovation services, then contact our team. We can help you design the pool you have been craving. You can reach our team today by calling (713) 729-5014 or you may visit our Houston location. Your swimming pool should slip you into a vacation without having to leave your home. Let our services provide that type of transition. We offer competitive pricing and move fast when it comes to the process. Stop searching “Houston TX swimming pool renovation near me” and start calling today!

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