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Sure glad to have done business with your company!! Wonderful Experience.

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Very professional, I am a satisfied customer.

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Pool Replastering Maintenance 101

Welcome to “Pool Replastering Maintenance 101,” a quick lesson for preserving your pool’s beauty and longevity. JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. has been providing reliable services to pool owners in the Greater Houston area since 1982. We offer comprehensive pool renovation services, from simple fixes and additions to complete redesigns, thanks to our […]

3 Recognizable Signs Your Pool Needs Replastering

In the sweltering heat of summer, nothing beats a cool dive into a refreshing pool. A well-kept pool is aesthetically pleasing and provides a refreshing retreat. Even the most durable pools will begin to show their age after some time has passed. There are three main warning signs to look out for to determine if […]

Reap the Benefits of An In-Ground Spa

Is there anything more relaxing than a spa? At JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd., we offer plenty of excellent pool remodeling and renovation options for you to take advantage of. We offer many spectacular pool additions, including water features such as waterfalls, fountains…and of course, spas. Installing a spa as part of your […]

Chlorine vs. Saltwater Pools: Pros & Cons

When you think of a pool, what image immediately comes up in your mind? Chances are you are picturing a typical chlorine pool – aquamarine with a greenish tinge, stinging your eyes like liquid bleach. Chlorine in pools helps sanitize the pool water and prevents the development of bacteria, algae, and other nasty vermin. That […]

Helpful Tips On How To Keep Your Pool Clean

Pools take a lot of effort to maintain, and of course, cleaning them can be a whole job in and of itself. If you neglect your pool’s upkeep, that can lead to several health problems and issues down the road. Moreover, it would make your pool useless in terms of swimming and unsightly to see. […]

Lubeck Remodel 5

Take Advantage of Cooler Temps with a Swimming Pool Renovation

As the weather cools down for the winter, many homeowners, community centers, and apartment complexes prep their pools for the season. Instead of your normal winterizing protocol, take advantage of this slow time of year to conduct those crucial tasks you’ve put off all summer. Make necessary repairs or upgrade your Houston swimming pool with […]

Now's the Time for a Pool Remodeling Before Summer Hits

When Is It Time to Replace Pool Tiling and Coping?

With spring just around the corner, now is a great time to think about officially opening your pool for the summer months. That includes conducting a good cleaning and general maintenance. Taking time to assess any damages your backyard haven may have experienced now will enhance your summer BBQs later. Issues like shifting ground may […]

Maher Remodel 1

Update Your Houston Backyard with Swimming Pool Renovation

When you look out over your backyard, are you excited to see your pool? Does the azure blue water call to you or do you think things are just ho-hum? As time goes by, your outdoor water haven gets hit by weather, causing it to lose its luster. Instead of throwing up your hands in […]

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