New Year, New Pool Design?

January 10th, 2024

It’s a new year! Many people make New Year’s resolutions and promise to change something about themselves for the better during the coming year. So, why can’t you apply those to home and yard improvements? Look at your pool this new year, and see if your pool needs its own resolutions and changes.

New Year, New Pool Design?

Make it one of this year’s goals to renovate your pool!

A New Year = A New Pool Design

The turn of the year makes a great time for implementing many changes. It’s also a great time to assess what you need and what you want to do during the coming year. If you own a pool, it’s also a great time to make or decide on any renovations or changes before the summer heat hits us in a few months.

Check for any damages, cracks, signs of mold, dirt, or rough patches in and around your pool, and ask yourself some questions while you perform the visual inspection. Does the plaster look old? Is the coping cracked or chipped? Is the overall design too outdated for your taste?

Do you want to completely overhaul your current pool design? Or do you only want to repair the damages so it looks great again and is safe to swim in? The more changes you want to make, the longer it’ll take to complete, so you’ll want to speak with experts like JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite once you’re sure of your decision.

How You Can Change Up Your Pool For the New Year

Pools are a summertime symbol of outdoor fun. You want your pool’s design to mesh with the overall design of your home, reflect your household’s aesthetics and needs, and provide you and your guests with everything you would want while enjoying the cool water. So, look at the current state of your pool and list aspects that you wish you could tweak, change, or adjust.

New Year, New Pool Design?

A new pool design can freshen up how your entire property looks!

For example, maybe you want to replaster the pool because either the original color is faded or you can feel rough patches where it’s been eroded away by water and chemicals. Maybe you want to make your pool more accessible because you have younger or less able members in your house who could benefit. Maybe you want to scrap the entire design because it doesn’t fit anything you had in mind for your pool.

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite have remodeled various pools, and we’re adept in many styles. No matter how you want to remodel or renovate your pool, we’ll be able to do it for you! We’re based in the Houston area, so call our team, and we’ll come out to your property to give you a free estimate and assessment of your new pool design for the new year!

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