Beyond Blue: Discover Innovative Plaster Colors to Consider

May 8th, 2024

People often think of the calm, azure shades of standard blue plaster colors when they think of a pool. But there are many bright and different ways to design a pool than just these everyday colors. Nowadays, pool owners can select from a diverse array of fresh plaster colors, allowing them to create one-of-a-kind aquatic retreats.

Choosing the right plaster color to go with your pool and landscape is something we at JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. know all too well. If you want to renovate or repair your pool, our team of professionals in pool plastering and gunite services can help you choose from various modern plaster colors. Explore your limitless options for making your pool one-of-a-kind and beautiful by looking beyond blue!

Beyond Blue: Discover Innovative Plaster Colors to Consider

Our company offers a lot of plaster color options!

Plaster Colors Affect the Look of A Pool

The color of the plaster in your pool isn’t just for looks; it can also have a big effect on how it looks and feels. Light absorption, reflection, and refraction are some of the things that affect how colors look in water. For instance, blue plaster is ideal because it turns water a transparent blue color by absorbing red light waves. Not only does this color choice make the pool seem more large and welcoming, but it also has the added benefit of soothing the eye.

Plaster comes in various hues, not only blue, and each has a special effect. Colors like green and aqua can conjure images of lush tropical oases and ponds, respectively. You may create a tranquil, earthy haven around your pool by simply painting it a sandy beige. By familiarizing yourself with the science underlying plaster colors, you may choose a shade that complements your pool’s aesthetic while improving your swimming experience.

What about white plaster?

The timeless elegance of white plaster makes it a popular option for pool surfaces. Because of its high reflectivity, the pool water will seem more luminous and dazzling, particularly when exposed to sunshine. In addition, water can be kept at a more pleasant temperature using white surfaces, which reflect heat better than darker colors. 

Look into Custom Blends and Finishes

Customization is key when it comes to pool plaster colors for a genuinely one-of-a-kind and individualized pool appearance. Pool owners may realize their unique visions with the help of Wet Edge Technologies, an industry pioneer in cutting-edge pool treatments, and its broad range of customizable color mixes and finishes.

Beyond Blue: Discover Innovative Plaster Colors to Consider

Turn your pool into something great!

Wet Edge Technologies has you covered if you’re looking for a wide range of pool colors, from muted tones to bold hues. Their variety of finishes, from ultra-smooth to rustic, introduces a world of possibilities for designing a pool floor that is as lovely as it is practical.

Let Us Plaster Your Pool

Your pool’s finish will last a lifetime thanks to JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite’s use of  Wet Edge Technologies’ renowned products; this means that your pool will not only look great but will also be able to resist the wear and tear that comes with everyday use and weathering.

If you’ve noticed that your swimming pool looks drab and needs a pick-me-up, call us. We can help you look beyond blue options and introduce you to an array of amazing plaster colors! Choose our Houston-based pool company if you want to go above the norm.

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