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Cinco Ranch Texas Gunite Pool Repair

In need of Cinco Ranch Texas Gunite Pool Repair services? If so, get in touch with them of pool experts here at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite. We’re here to help you get the best of the best when it comes to pool services. We do it all, including pool repairs, pool remodels, adding water features, pool features, and long-term pool servicing. We can help keep your pool in great condition for a long time to come.

Pools are a very important element for any home. They are gathering places where many events will end up taking place. As such, it’s important to keep your pool in good condition. After all, nobody wants anyone in their family to suffer any injuries due to a pool problem. With our team of Cinco Ranch Texas Gunite Pool Repair experts, you won’t have to worry about that, as we have four decades of experience dealing with all sorts of pool repairs. If you think your pool needs repairs, don’t hesitate to give us a call. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

About Cinco Ranch Texas Gunite Pool Repair

Pool builders commonly use gunite, which is a material that’s both durable and highly adaptable. It’s not uncommon to hear people refer to gunite pools as concrete pools. To create gunite, pool builders will mix cement, water, and sand. The mixture is applied to the foundation of the pool being build in order to line it. When you notice a leak or crack, you can be sure that your pool needs a repair, and the best bet is to leave the repair to the experts. Enter the Cinco Ranch Texas Gunite Pool Repair experts here at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite.

Common Pool Problems

Before looking into solutions to your gunite pool, it’s very important that you first become familiar with the frequent issues that pool owners face. For one, each type of pool comes with its advantage and shortcoming, and that includes gunite pools. Here, we’ll go over some of the more common types of problems that you may come across.

Cracks and Leaks

Cinco Ranch Texas Gunite Pool Repair

Cinco Ranch Texas Gunite Pool Repair

Although some pools are built to last longer, all pools are prone to cracking, and some are more prone than others. In fact, most concrete pools, if not all, will suffer from cracks at one point or another, especially if the pool is up there in age. With that said, there are factors that will actually contribute to the possibility of cracking, regardless of how old the pool is.

For pools that crack often, the reason may lie in a pool design that is poor or the improper installation of the pool itself. It’s super important that you get the right type of pool installation. Pools that aren’t designed the right way or that are installed by unprofessional installers will surely be more susceptible to cracks that can penetrate the pool’s shell. These are the cracks that you should look out for, as they will eventually lead to bad pool leaks.

Lots of pools can develop surface cracks; the cracks can and will vary in severity. For one, some pools only affect the paint and finish of the pools. These cracks may be unattractive, but they won’t typically cause more serious problems. Only the cracks that go all the way through the concrete layer underneath the finish will lead to significant leaks.

Rough Pool Surface

While gunite pools are known to have rougher surfaces than their fiberglass and vinyl counterparts, they arent by a huge margin, the rough pool surface of a concrete pool actually offers a pleasant balance in terms of slip resistance.

When pool surfaces are rough to the point that they are causing uncomfortable scratches when you slightly graze the surface, then you should get the pool looked at by a pool professional.

There are many causes for rough pool surfaces; these include but are not limited to calcium nodules, delamination, and excessive surface cracks. All of these factors can definitely lead to the surface problem.

Plaster Flaking Off

Contact our team of pool experts today

Contact our team of pool experts today

One of the most common finishes used on gunite pools is plaster. As with cracks, the improper application of plastering techniques will lead to various problems. As such, you should always choose highly experienced and skilled installation contractors for these types of operations. Doing so will prevent spalling and keep your pool in the correct condition. Call us today at (713) 729-5014 to learn more.


Stone surfaces can be porous, meaning that they’ll absorb liquids and potentially stain, and concrete is one of those types of surfaces. Yes, it’s true that discoloration is not a major problem, but it’s still a frustrating one. As such, the best method to keep your pool from fading is keeping your pool PH and pool chemistry in the correct conditions.

When you don’t have waterline tiles, or you have a flawed plastering installation, you may also find your pool beginning to fade. Another possible reason is too many pauses when filling the pool.

Gunite Pool Repair Methods

Leave your pool repair to us

Leave your pool repair to the pros

Having a pool problem is annoying, but that doesn’t mean you can fix these problems. There are several ways for you to get back to enjoying swimming in a safe pool. Here are some of the most common techniques for repairing pools:

  • Replastering
  • Acid washing
  • Plumbing repairs

Replastering is a very effective pool problem solver as it covers issues such as rough surfaces, flaking plaster, and surface cracks. Acid washing can also be used for overly rough surfaces, as deposits of calcium can greatly contribute to this type of problem. Another method is plumbing repairs, which do take a long time. Pool repair specialists will have to remove parts of the pavement to gain access to the plumbing leaks. Of course, the method that best fits your needs depends on the pool problem you are facing.

Cinco Ranch Texas Gunite Pool Repair

For the best Cinco Ranch Texas Gunite Pool Repair services around, call (713) 729-5014. You can also learn more about us through our see our work and plastering webpages. Get your pool back to its best condition through our Cinco Ranch Texas Gunite Pool Repair services.

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