Different Types of Erosion Control For Construction Sites

May 24th, 2023

The process known as erosion happens when soil or dirt becomes displaced by either wind or water. Water tends to be the primary force driving erosion when it comes to swimming pools. A major issue with erosion is that it contributes to pollution, especially around construction sites.

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. is a company with years of experience that can help control the erosion around your pool or construction site. In addition to erosion control, we offer pool remodeling and pool plastering services.

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A Few Different Methods of Erosion Control

Since the geography of construction sites can be vastly different, different methods of erosion control are required depending on the situation. Our company has good judgment regarding the decision of what type of erosion control to use.

Eight of the most common methods of erosion control include the following: mechanically stabilized earth walls, articulated concrete blocks, riprap, turbidity barriers, French drains, soil nails, and geotextiles. Each of these can be used to great effect depending upon the situation.

Articulated concrete blocks can be arranged to form a grid. This will help reduce erosion in targeted areas. Typically this kind of system is used on sloped structures and landscapes in order to slow down the velocity of water running downhill.

Mechanically stabilized earth walls are similar to articulated concrete blocks but have surpassed them in popularity in recent years. That is because the walls can be installed more quickly and take less effort to do so. This is a versatile erosion control option because it can be used on various types of construction sites.

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Turbidity barriers are used to stop the flow of soil erosion and other contaminants in water. The barriers are crafted out of geotextiles that have the ability to float. The geotextiles are anchored in the ground under the water so that they stay in place.

Geotextiles can have a closed fabric, open mesh weave, or warp-knitted structure. They are used in effective attempts to improve the soil over pipelines, embankments, roads, and earth-retaining structures. French drains are a system of underground piping that helps to bring surface water to an exit point.

Soil nails are usually installed by drilling a hole into the soil and then placing steel bars inside. The steel bars are capped in a way that creates a barrier that is similar to a retaining wall. Riprap is another method used to prevent the erosion of soil from runoff water.

Riprap is an interlocking system constructed out of large stones that act as a barrier. This method is to be used in places where runoff water is especially concentrated.

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