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Friendswood TX Pool Renovations

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Friendswood TX Pool Renovations

When you need a great job for your Friendswood TX pool renovations, give us a call right away. JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. is a local pool company that brings you the best results for your pool renovations and pool remodeling.

We provide the most optimal repairs and renovations for your swimming pool in Friendswood. Whether it’s a pool spa or pool decking, our team has the expertise for the job. So don’t wait, and call us today.

Friendswood TX Pool Renovations

Get the best Friendswood TX Pool Renovations from us.

As a pool remodeling company, we know how essential it is to get the job done right the first time. Before you waste your time and money on someone without the proper experience, let us save you the trouble.

Our service technicians are here to provide professional consultation and suggestions for your pool. You can enjoy luxuries such as waterfalls and tanning ledges when you bring us on for your remodeling. And since your pool needs to be replastered every few years anyway, why not do a little more for your pool?

We here at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. believe in your vision for your pool. We want to shape your ideas and turn your pool into one of your dreams. With our aid, you’ll always get a crew that devotes their time to efficient and effective work. Once you have your custom pool, you can host social gatherings or just relax while poolside.

All of our clients deserve a better quality of life for their pools. From pool repair to excavation, you can transform your backyard into a thing of beauty with your pool at the center. We’ll overhaul your pool so that you can start from scratch. Call today for our Friendswood TX pool renovations.

Our Friendswood TX Pool Renovations are Perfect for You

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. is a pool remodeling and repair company that is dedicated to getting the best results for you. We strive to produce the most optimal outcome for you so that you can enjoy your pool at any time of the year.

From adding water features to checking for erosion issues, we have the service for you. No job is too large or too small for our crew to tackle. In short, we’re the most reliable and efficient choice for all of your pool remodeling.

Our transparency and strong work ethic make it easy for us to be trusted and effective with our work. Your pool is an investment that provides you with a recreational space to unwind. When you provide your pool with professional remodelers like us, you give it the best chance to look its best. With a clean, replastered pool, you gain the perfect place for social gatherings, exercising, and relaxation.

We want our clients to get the most out of their pools. As a result, our services are centered around providing functional and aesthetic solutions to your backyard. This comes in the form of pool repairs and adding requested water features. Regardless of what your pool needs, JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. is here to provide.

Our Beginning

Refugio Oyervidez founded our company back in 1982 as a subcontractor for pool repair and remodeling. Now, we have served thousands of clients with their pool services and continue to go strong. For the last forty years, our goal has been to turn your pool into a beautiful oasis for you and your family.

We provide watertight seals for our pools so that you don’t deal with leaks and cracks. Your pool will remain clean, smooth, and safe for everyday use. Whether it’s pool excavation or replastering, we offer options for everything from sand to tile finishes. This allows you to alter the previous texture while updating the plastering.

Friendswood TX Pool Renovations

No matter the shape or size of your pool, you can count on us for excellent results.

Our Renovation Services

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. is here to provide every pool service you may need. We offer assistance with pool plastering, remodeling, tanning ledges, pool spas, excavation, and water features. Our services also involve retaining your walls and floors while reinventing your pool space. No matter what you decide to do about your pool, let us be the ones to make it happen for you.

Our professionals provide quality consultation and suggestions for your pool. You can rest assured that your pool is in good hands with our crew. We offer a knowledgeable and experienced team for every job so that you get optimal results.

We concentrate our efforts on providing excellent customer service and client support. We’ll take your vision for your pool and turn it into a reality. Our crew also performs a maintenance check to see what condition your pool is in.


Our pool team allows you to enjoy your backyard by renovating your centerpiece. When we service a pool, we offer complete renovations from top to bottom. Our remodeling services go above and beyond to ensure quality.

We repair and redo the walls and floors of your pool to match your design ideas. If you have any cracks or leaks, we’ll provide the repairs necessary.

Pools require resurfacing every ten or fifteen years to avoid long-term damage. Unfortunately, most pool owners don’t know when the last time it resurfaced was or if it was at all. In these cases, our maintenance check allows us to determine if or when your pool will need it.

Our crew can bring you all of the necessary corrections and repairs to your pool. From minor fixes to major modifications, we have the right repairs for you.

Plastering and Replastering

Whether your pool has a finish already or not, getting it plastered is essential. Our plastering service provides your desired final coat for your pool’s surfaces. From tile to sand, we can provide a finish that gives the texture that you want.

Friendswood TX Pool Renovations

With our pool remodels, you’ll think it’s summer all year round.

Call Our Team Today

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. wants your pool to be in its best condition. With our help, you can host a pool party for all of your friends. Call (713) 729-5014 or visit our Houston location for more information. With our help, you get the best Friendswood TX pool renovations around.

We also offer pool repair services for a variety of pool types and maintenance needs.

Friendswood TX Fun Facts

  • Friendswood includes Clear Creek, Chigger Creek, Mary’s Creek, and Coward’s Creek.
  • In 1895, two Quakers established Friendswood.
  • The community hosts over 10,000 events every year.

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