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Fulshear TX Pool Plaster Repair

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Fulshear TX Pool Plaster Repair

Looking for Fulshear TX pool plaster repair? JR Pool Plastering is a leading pool remodeler in the Greater Houston area that has decades of experience remodeling pools to the satisfaction of our customers.

It’s natural for pools to age; however, that doesn’t mean that you should be satisfied with an ugly pool. Whether it cracks, years of staining from the waterline, or even calcification, we’ve seen it all and remodeled it all.

Fulshear TX pool plaster repair

Call JR Pools, the best Texas pool renovation company.

So trust JR Pool Plastering to breathe some much-needed life back into your old pool by calling or visiting us today!

Old Pools Don’t Just Look Bad!

Got an aging pool? It’s not just the aesthetics you should worry about when it comes to an old pool. Cracks and leaks can go undetected for years. The occasional remodel also provides an opportunity for you to assess any damage or leaks.

If you have extensive cracking in the surface or decking of your pool, there’s a real danger that water has seeped into the rebar that strengthens the concrete/cement around your pool, allowing leaks into the foundation. Something that the average pool maintenance that you can do on your own won’t take care of.

This can cause a whole host of issues, not least of which is groundwater pooling beneath the foundation of your house. Houston has large limestone deposits beneath the foundations of most homes. When water is allowed to flow through limestone deposits, it quickly carves into the rock and carries it away through porous channels created in the rock. Fulshear TX pool plaster repair

After enough time, the limestone deposit can be porous enough that it collapses under the weight of the above topsoil and whatever is sitting on it. Like your home, for instance. We are trained in pool leak detection and correction!

These are collapses are commonly referred to as sinkholes. So, if you suspect that your pool might be leaking into the ground near your home, call us ASAP!

My pool isn’t cracked; it’s just outdated.

That’s completely understandable. After all, most of our business is driven by customers being fed up with the aesthetic look of their yesteryear pool. Have a tacky liner that you can’t wait to replace with something a little more practical and aesthetically pleasing? Fulshear TX pool plaster repair

Well, give us a ring so we can get rid of those water rings.

Fulshear TX pool plaster repair

JR Pool Plastering can help with any pool problems you have!

I want to renovate and make an addition/extension to my existing pool.

We provide full-service remodeling and pool repair. We have made additions and extensions to existing pools to add: spas, hot tubs, jacuzzis, waterfalls, fire features, kids splash pads, and so much more!

Depending on the nature of your remodel, you can expect that a remodel is not that different from a full install of a new pool. We have to break up old cement and remove it from your property and then excavate any additional areas for additions you might decide to add to your pool. Any rebar that cannot be used from the previous pool must be replaced with new rebar and secured to the existing wireframe.

What is Gunite?

Gunite is sprayable cement that is applied to a rebar frame via a high-pressure hose. Gunite is an incredibly versatile cement that is easily made to form straight lines or shaped to curve gently. Fulshear TX pool plaster repair

Once applied, Gunite must go through a special curing process, but one that is absolutely worth it. Gunite is proven to be more durable and flexible than other pool cement. This prevents cracks and warping in the future.

Pollution control during your remodel.

Here at JR Pool Plastering, we believe in doing our part to protect the environment. Don’t mess with Texas shouldn’t just be a slogan we slap on our signs. It should be something each of us, as proud Texans, strives to meet.

Any construction project, not just a pool remodel, involves doing major excavation that can create lots of run-off water full of chemicals and silt. Chemical run-off finds its way into local creeks, streams, ponds, lakes, and even tributaries that feed into the ocean. Fulshear TX pool plaster repair

This is why we pay careful attention to ensuring we follow EPA guidelines on how to prevent run-off.

Fulshear TX Pool Plaster Repair

Our company provides a wide range of aesthetic choices for customizing your pull during remodeling. We have a wide selection of different pebble tec, tiles to choose from, liners, and more! All so you can have the pool of your dreams. We want you to be so satisfied with your pool that you stay in it all day and end up pruney to the point that a nursing home would mistake you as an escapee.

Fulshear TX pool plaster repair

An example of our cadet-blue pebble tec.

Not only do most of our choices look great if you’ve had a problem with your last pool, but we’ll also be happy to discuss it with you. Have a half-step that you can’t help but fall off of every time you step off? Tell us, and we’ll make sure to fix it during the remodel.

Our locations

We have two locations in the Greater Houston Area, one centrally located and another on the city’s southwest side. Our two locations are set up to help better provide service to you wherever you live in the city. So, call us today so that we can make your backyard an oasis of your design!

Have elderly parents or young kids? You might want to consider adding some improvements to your pool to make it safer for them to enjoy! How about a railing leading down the stairs for your parents or a splash pad for the kids where the adults can safely keep an eye on them?

How long can you expect us to take to finish your pool? It really depends, but you can trust that we will not drag our feet when it comes to ensuring your satisfaction. A true estimate on the cost and timetable for your remodel is something that is best discussed over the phone, so please give us a call or visit one of our two locations. Fulshear TX pool plaster repair

Fun Facts about Fulshear! More fun facts about Fulshear here!

  • Established in 1824.
  • Has the highest per capita income in Fort Bend.
  • Had less than 1,000 people in the 80s.
  • Had twelve businesses in 1988.

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