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Houston TX Gunite Pool Repair

Are you searching for Houston, TX gunite pool repair? Is your gunite pool leaking, or is your surface cracked, discolored, or too rough on your feet? The gunite pool repair experts at JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. are here to help! Call your local gunite experts at (713) 729-5014 today.

Houston TX gunite pool repair

We can repair any cracks, leaks, or roughness in your gunite pool.

What Is Gunite?

Gunite is one of two commonly used types of sprayable cement (The second being shotcrete.). Gunite is a combination of dry cement mix and sand. This is sprayed onto a grid of steel bars from a high-pressure hose as water is added. The resulting structure forms the sturdy shell of your gunite pool.

The greatest benefit of either sprayable cement is the added flexibility it offers the design process. Additionally, gunite lasts longer than traditional pool shells, such as standard concrete or vinyl shells. Of course, although gunite lasts longer, it can’t stand against pool chemicals forever. That’s why you’ll need gunite pool repair services when it starts getting rough patches.

Common Reasons To Need Houston, TX Gunite Pool Repair

The three most common reasons people need a Houston, TX gunite pool repair are cracks, leaks, and the surface of their pool has become too rough.

Cracks can be caused by various factors, including pressure changes, temperature changes, earthquakes, and shifting soil. JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. combat cracks in two ways.

Leaks can result from these cracks or shifting soil. Many leaks cannot be fixed by patching the shell or plaster of your pool. Many will have to be resolved through plumbing repairs. This often involves the removal of sections of your pool shell or the surrounding concrete.

The rough patches on your plaster are often caused by natural wear and tear or low chlorine levels, and two warning signs include algae growth and murky water. JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. can identify these deposits and remove them with an acid wash. If the surface is still too rough, we can then discuss your resurfacing options.

Repair Process For Cracks

Unless you’re planning to remodel your pool from the ground up, repairing your pool comes before any further changes. First, your pool must be drained and debris removed. We need a clean and dry surface to ensure the best possible quality result. Second, we will fabricate custom staples to prevent the crack from widening further.

Next, the crack will be brushed with cement paste, which will quickly be covered with one of two types of dry-pack mortar. A rapid-set mortar mix will be used for thin cracks, while a rapid-set concrete mix will be used for larger or thicker cracks.

Houston TX gunite pool repair

We can help you make your pool safe and fun for all of your friends and loved ones!

The mixture will then rest and dry during the setting stage. Following the setting stage, your gunite pool shell will be replastered and then resurfaced as desired.

The Perfect Time For Renovations

If we are repairing any leaks, cracks, or plumbing issues in your gunite pool, this is a perfect opportunity to make any additions or renovations you may be considering.

Do you wish you had invested in a waterfall with a beautiful stone or tile backdrop? Or maybe an above-ground spa with relaxing massage jets? Perhaps you would like to extend your pool?

Have your needs changed? Do you have children, disabled loved ones, or pets who would love to use your pool? We could help you design accommodating features like a shallow ledge or steps that suit your specific needs. Do you have a loved one who is Deaf or hard of hearing?

Whatever type of installations, additions, or style changes you want to make, our team can discuss the details with you. See what else we’ve done to help pool owners in our community when you see our previous work.

Gunite Pool Resurfacing Options

After completing any necessary repairs, you will need to replaster and resurface your gunite pool.

Because of the rougher nature of concrete pool shells, we recommend considering smoother pool finish options that combat this.

If you enjoy the look and texture marcite and other plasters provide, we recommend selecting one of the more durable plasters on the market, such as Wet Edge’s Altima or Luna Quartz plaster finishes. These plasters replace some or all of the commonly used marble sand with the more durable quartz sand. Altima replaces 35% of the sand, so it retains almost an identical look and feels to marcite with increased durability and longevity.

Wet Edge’s Luna Quartz plaster replaces 100% of the marble sand with quartz sand. This provides a unique speckled finish that is highly resistant to cracking and chipping. It also helps fight the tendency for concrete to absorb stains or show discoloration.

If you are interested in hearing more about your smooth-textured options, call our office to speak to one of our Wet Edge experts. They can tell you about your polished and pebbled finish options.

The most luxurious option available is Serenity Stone. Meant to mimic the bottom of a riverbed, this premium pebble finish combines medium and large-sized pebbles with colored glass beads and richly pigmented cement. This beautiful finish comes in 6 color options ranging from Radiant Sky to Midnight Meditation.


Another personalized pool finishing option you have is coping. Coping is the ring of tile or stone laid around the edge of your pool. This can be on the inside top edge or only around the outside. Tile and stone are both common materials.

Houston TX gunite pool repair

Add coping or another stylish finish to your Houston, TX gunite pool repair process.

Coping of any kind offers your gunite pool 3 main benefits:

  1. It further supports the gunite’s ability to withstand cracking commonly seen in cement pool shells after major weather or pressure changes.
  2. The scum ring that often forms at a pool’s waterline becomes less noticeable.
  3. It does not absorb as much heat as cement or other materials, thereby protecting your skin on hot days when you lean against the edge of your pool or walk barefoot around it.

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For more information about your gunite pool repair, renovation, and refinishing options, call our Houston office at (713) 729-5014. Make us the contractor for all of your Houston TX gunite pool repair needs today!

Houston, TX Fun Facts

  1. During the month of August, Miller Outdoor Theatre hosts Shakespeare in the Park.
  2. During the years 1837-1839, Houston was the capital of Texas.
  3. As the 4th largest city in the US, Houston is larger than San Francisco, New York City, and Boston combined!

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