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Houston, TX Marcite Pool

Are you interested in improving your Houston, TX, marcite pool? JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. is the local contractor you can trust. We have over 20 years of experience repairing, renovating, remodeling, and refinishing marcite pools in Houston and its surrounding areas.

Is your current marcite cracked, chipped, or stained? Is the surface of your pool too rough on your feet? Has your pool leaked recently? These are all indicators that it is time to replaster your pool surface. If you have decided to make any additions or renovations, we can do that during the resurfacing process as well.

For anything, from minor pool repair services to full remodeling and replaster services, give our team of swimming pool experts a call today. Let us transform your backyard and exceed your expectations!

Houston, TX Marcite Pool Finishes – Know Your Options

Marcite is a second term for traditional swimming pool plaster. Plaster is the most simple and affordable of your pool finish options. Marcite is typically composed of white cement, marble sand, and water.

Houston TX marcite pool

The combination of pigment and aggregate you choose will impact the hue of your pool’s water.

The cement can be dyed in a narrow range of colors, but most pool builders will hesitate to add color. This is because the dyes, especially low-quality liquid dyes, often streak and wear quickly.

This significantly reduces the already lower life span of your plaster finish. The life expectancy of non-dyed marcite is only 8-12 years.

The Addition of Quartz Sand Improves

Most marcite is made using marble sand. Some pool builders opt to replace some of this sand with quartz sand to drastically improve the durability and lifespan of the plaster finish.

One benefit, besides increased durability, is that plaster finishes using quartz sand can be dyed in a wider range of colors with longer-lasting results. This is more successful partially because the speckled pattern helps to hide any blemishes, fading, or streaking.

The Addition of Aggregates Like Pebbles

Aggregates are small objects added to your pool’s finish to improve durability, texture, and aesthetics. One very popular aggregate is the pebble. These small stones are used to mimic the luxuriously smooth texture of the bottom of a riverbed.

Pebbles are the highest quality aggregate you can add to your pool finish. They are considered top-of-the-line because of their incredible ability to withstand scratching, cracking, erosion, and discoloration.

Our Wet Edge Products

Wet Edge products offer some of the highest quality pool finishes on the market across all 3 surface types – plaster, polished, and aggregate. Their 2 lines of increasingly durable plasters are Altima and Luna Quartz. Altima’s increased durability comes from the replacement of 35% of the original marble sand with quartz sand.

Luna Quartz, as the name would suggest, fully replaces the marble sand with quartz sand. This second type also adds some tumbled-colored quartz aggregate to create a beautiful speckled finish.

Wet Edge offers 4 styles of finishes featuring exposed aggregate. Only 1 of these falls into the polished finish category – Primera Stone. This unique finish combines smaller pebbles with shells and colored glass beads.

These aggregates are mixed into intensely pigmented cement. During the application process, the surface of this finish is polished to form one smooth, even layer.

The other 3 styles fall into the category of premium pebble finish. The first, Signature Matrix, combines only small and medium-sized pebbles with richly colored cement for a smooth, classic finish.

Secondly, Prism Matrix combines small and medium pebbles with colored glass beads and vibrantly colored cement for a stylish and smooth finish. And finally, Serenity Stone combines medium and large pebbles with colored glass beads and deeply pigmented cement to create your luxurious pool surface.

Tile Coping

Houston TX marcite pool

Give your Houston, TX marcite pool a personalized pop of color!

Another way to improve the longevity and aesthetic of your pool’s finish is through tile coping. This is particularly useful for owners of concrete, shotcrete, or gunite swimming pools, as it can help prevent cracks and leaks.

Pool tiles can also help disguise the scum line, protect your skin on hot days, and give your Houston, TX, marcite pool an affordable pop of color.

However, tile coping is more likely to crack, chip, or fade than most of your aggregate options.

Renovations Or Additions

If you are planning to resurface your pool, it is the perfect time to also make additions or renovations.

Do you have pool features for dogs or small children who want to play in the pool? Yes. We can add a ledge in the shallow end of your pool for them to safely splash and play on.

Do you have any safety pool features for elderly or disabled loved ones? Yes. We can accommodate their needs as well. If one of your loved ones is Deaf or hard of hearing, we can install lights you can flash to get their attention.

On the other hand, maybe you are interested in adding a new water feature or above-ground spa? Maybe you want to extend your pool instead?

JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. can do all these things and more during your resurfacing process. For further information, call our team of experts today.

Get In Touch With Us Today To Begin Remodeling Your Marcite Pool

Is your current marcite pool finish noticeably chipped, cracked, rough, or stained? Has any color you once had streaked and faded over time? These problems are incredibly common with saltwater and concrete pools.

Houston TX marcite pool

Make your marcite pool safe and fun for everyone!

If you have any questions about our marcite pool products or any of our services, call our Houston office at (713) 729-5014 today. For any pool building companies wanting to contract with us, fill out this pool proposal request or simply give us a call. We work with pools of all sizes and shapes, including kiddie and Olympic-sized pools.

Upgrade and protect your backyard investment with Wet Edge. The durability and longevity of these pool finishes are unmatched. JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. is the contractor to trust to install your Wet Edge, new marcite, or tile coping.

If you want to repair, remodel, resurface, or renovate, trust us with your Houston TX marcite pool project, and you won’t be disappointed.

Houston, TX Fun Facts

  1. During the years 1837-1839, Houston was the capital of Texas.
  2. A free-to-use library, The Aurora Picture Show has 800 films in its video collection.
  3. During the month of August, Miller Outdoor Theatre hosts Shakespeare in the Park.

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