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Houston TX Pool Refinishing

Do you need Houston TX pool refinishing? If your current pool finish is cracked, stained, discolored, or too rough on your feet, it is time for pool refinishing services. With over 20 years of experience in the greater Houston area, JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. is the local expert contractor you can trust.

The 3 most common types of pool finishes are plaster, exposed aggregate, and tile coping. We are familiar with all 3 types and their popular styles. Let us use our expertise to help you transform your swimming pool into a private oasis today.

Houston TX pool refinishing

Marcite typically lasts 8-12 years.

Types of Houston TX Pool Refinishing – Plaster

Firstly, there is marcite, the traditional pool plastering. Marcite is often the least expensive pool finish option. However, it offers several major drawbacks in the long run. Most plasters are not very durable and so chip, crack, stain, and wear down easily and quickly.

The life span of this material is only 8-12 years. This life span is often further shortened by the use of subpar pigments like low-quality liquid dyes.

One company, Wet Edge, offers products that directly counter these common problems. Firstly, they only use the highest quality powdered pigments in the materials they color to prevent streaking, staining, and discoloration. And secondly, they make a small change to the typical plaster formula for a major boost in durability.

Most plasters are made with marble sand. However, Wet Edge realized that quartz is a much harder material. This makes it significantly less likely to crack, chip, stain, or become discolored. Therefore, Wet Edge offers 2 plaster products with increasing amounts of the typical marble sand replaced by quartz sand.

The first plaster product, Altima, replaces 35% of the usual marble sand with quartz sand.

The second plaster product, Luna Quartz, replaces 100% of the usual marble sand with quartz sand. This provides a unique speckled look that not only boosts durability but also helps disguise any future staining or discoloration.

Types Of Pool Finishes – Exposed Aggregate

Aggregate is a term for the objects added to your pool finish that improves the durability and aesthetic of your pool. Aggregates commonly include shells, colored glass beads, and pebbles. At the end of the application process, the surface of these finishes will be manipulated in one of two ways. Either the surface will be polished, or the excess cement mix will be removed through an exposure process.

In keeping with the Wet Edge example, they offer four styles of exposed aggregate pool finishes. One of these, Primera Stone features shells, colored glass, beads, pebbles, and richly colored cement. This style is the only Wet Edge style that falls into the polished category.

On the other hand, Wet Edge offers three styles of pool finishes featuring the luxuriously smooth texture of pebbles. Signature Matrix, Prism Matrix, and Serenity Stone are all meant to mimic the feel of a riverbed.

Houston TX pool refinishing

Bring a cool splash of color to your Houston TX pool refinishing project with tile coping!

Types Of Pool Finishes – Tile Coping

Tile coping is the ring of tile placed in and around the lip of your pool. While more likely to chip, crack, and discolor than exposed aggregate finishes, it is more durable than marcite and offers several unique benefits.

Firstly, it uses a pop of personalized color to disguise the scum ring that often forms at your pool’s waterline. Secondly, it can protect your skin on a hot summer day because it does not absorb heat the way some other pool materials do. Lounge against your pool’s edge and walk barefoot in cool peace with tile coping.

Houston TX Pool Refinishing – Concrete Pools

Regular refinishing is particularly important for owners of concrete, shotcrete, or gunite pools. This pool building material is naturally rougher, and if not surfaced properly, this roughness can lead to minor injuries, including scrapes or bloody toes.

Because of this, smoother pool finishes like those involving tile, colored glass beads, or pebbles are highly recommended. These pool finishes boost your pool’s durability and extend its life span by years. Often as many as 7 years!

Tile coping is particularly helpful to concrete pools because when properly installed, it helps to prevent and reduce cracking during major weather changes. Sprayable types of cement, including shotcrete and gunite, already have this advantage because of their unique curing process, but tile coping can further increase this ability while adding a splash of personal flair.

Refinishing? The Perfect Time To Renovate!

Resurfacing and refinishing is the perfect time to make additions and renovations. When planning your Houston TX pool refinishing project, it is important to take the time to consider if your pool is still fulfilling all of your needs and wants.

Do you wish you had invested in a beautiful waterfall with a tile backsplash? Or maybe an above-ground spa with relaxing jets?

Maybe you have children, pets, or disabled loved ones who could enjoy your pool through simple, accommodating additions like adjusted steps or a safe shallow tanning ledge.

All of these renovations and more can easily be made during the resurfacing process.

Houston TX pool refinishing

Make your pool fun and safe for all of your friends and loved ones through simple renovations.

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The pool refinishing experts at JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. have over 2o years of experience with pool renovating and pool remodeling in Houston TX. We have the knowledge, pool equipment, and experience you can trust with any and all of your Houston TX pool refinishing needs.

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