How Does Rain Affect My Pool Installation?

June 30th, 2021

The summer months are always the most popular pool installation times. This is understandable; who doesn’t want a cool and glistening pool waiting for them in the backyard after a long hot summer day? Although summer is the best time to have a pool waiting for you, it doesn’t mean it’s the best time to have a pool installed. June and July are notably some of the rainiest months in Texas. Therefore, we find ourselves running into many issues with the pool plastering process once the rain has started.

How Does Rain Affect My Pool Installation?

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How Does Rain Affect My Pool Installation?

While the rain can harm the chlorination process, it can also create issues with the plastering process too. Rain will cause streaks, discoloration, and curing mistakes once the plastering has begun. Not only will it cause streaking, but it also causes something called hydrostatic holes in the granite and plaster.

Hydrostatic pressure is a more technical term for water pressure that builds up around the foundation of your plastering. When this happens, it causes hydrostatic holes.

This can also happen with the draining and pressure of an inground pool. Rain causes excavated pool holes, too, causing the walls to collapse downward. While rain certainly doesn’t prevent the job from being completed, it does cause delays. What’s more, it can affect the overall look of your pool too.

When you choose JR Pools for your plastering services, we never work on your pool during any rainy days as we want your pool to be of the highest quality that it can possibly be.

Rainwater is also very acidic, which means that it will affect the chemistry of your pool water since it has chlorine and other chemicals in it as well. The rain can affect the pH balance of your pool as well as the alkaline levels, which can make the pool unsafe to be in and will cost you plenty more money down the line.

How Does Rain Affect My Pool Installation?

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