How to Find the Perfect Spot for Your New Pool-Suggestions from Houston’s Trusted Pool Contractor

July 30th, 2018

You have done it. You have pondered the merits and determined that now is the time to finally invest in a backyard pool. The fun has just begun as you get to choose the type of materials for the basin and colors for your tile and coping. Another critical decision to be made is where in the world are you going to place your watery oasis?

There are so many styles and components to consider:  the adjacent deck, surrounding landscape, and even additional patios. Maybe you want specific zones such as a play area and outdoor kitchen so that your backyard functions as an all-in-one family fun place. No matter the design, the experts at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, Ltd., can bring your dream into reality.

Placement Considerations for a New Pool

Anytime you invest in your home, you are investing in your family. Frustration will quickly impede memories if the placement of the recreational water structure is not correct. Zoning regulations and the property’s natural slope and drainage issues can complicate things, but they do not have to stop progress. Your Houston Pool contractor can help you overcome these apparent obstacles. Here are some additional tips to help you find the perfect spot for placement:

  • Homes with Small Yards: Limited space means a little creativity is in order. Often the pool must be close to or adjoining the house. This can be a good thing as it gives easier access to oversee the water. As an extension of the home, choose a design that reflects that of the architectural style your house carries, including the geometric shape. Work with complementary colors and materials to blend in with existing outside structures.
  • Homes with Large Yards: Larger spaces allow for more flexibility in the design. Avoid becoming overwhelmed with all the choices available. Make the pool a destination zone by putting it away from the house, or make it a focal point and create a more massive deck for easier entertaining. You can even complement the natural surroundings with freeform designs you can get with materials like gunite.
  • Desired View and Privacy: As you get an idea of where to place the basin, take into consideration what view you would like to have. Picture lounging around crystal blue water. What would you like to see? Maybe some gorgeous landscaping or retaining walls acting as a privacy fence.

Work with a Trusted Pool Contractor in Houston, TX

For the best memories and the enjoyment, pool placement is vital. Avoid eyesores by blending colors and materials to match the home in a small yard. Make a focal point when placing in a big backyard. Pick a spot that offers plenty of sunlight and a pleasurable view. Since 1980, JR Pool Plastering has served the Houston area with remodeling and installation of aquatic havens. You can trust our team to make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood.

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