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Pool Plaster Companies In Your Area | Missouri City TX

So it’s summer, and you’re looking for Missouri City TX Pool Plaster Companies. With the peak of summer heat incoming, it makes sense to take care of yourself by taking some time in the pool. The summer heat is no joke, and you should do everything you can to ensure you don’t suffer any of the effects that extreme heat can cause.

Missouri City TX Pool Plaster Companies

Missouri City TX Pool Plaster Companies

Missouri City TX Pool Plaster Companies

Pool plaster, in case it’s your first time dealing with this process, is the final seal and coating done on a concrete pool. It is usually the last step for creating a concrete pool, and the purpose behind it is to add a watertight seal for in-ground pools. You can choose from different options when it comes to plaster, and each option gives the pool owner various designs and colors. Furthermore, pool plaster is an essential part of keeping concrete pools protected.

Different Types Of Pool Plasters

There are different types of pool plaster, and each one offers something different in terms of color, look, and feel. When setting up and designing your home pool, you’ll need to decide which option is best for your needs. Here are three types of pool plaster you can choose from.


The most common option is white pool plaster. White is so popular because it’s the most reasonable in terms of pricing and can give your pool a classy and sleek look. Some pool plasters can make the pool look complicated or busy. The white plaster, on the other hand, is an option with universal appeal. When you choose a white plaster, the pool’s water will appear light blue, and you can even enhance the blue color by mixing additives like quartz and crystals.


The aggregate plaster is often chosen because it has features of regular pool plaster and small pieces of stone. Aggregate plaster typically uses stone types like quartz, granite, river stones, or glass. Additionally, aggregate pool plaster gives pools a brilliant look that shines brighter than other options. Another great feature of aggregate plaster is that it lasts longer than white plaster.


Pebbled plaster is known to give pools more texture. While this option is sometimes overlooked, it offers a textured look that many people enjoy. Its unique look is something pool owners like, and it’s not harsh on the feet.

Even after you choose your plaster and finish setting up your pool, there are still steps you should take to maintain your pool in good shape. We’ll go over them in the next section.

Pool Plastering in Missouri City

An example of our cadet-blue pebble tec.

Concrete Pool Maintenance

Inground concrete pools are trendy nowadays, and for good reasons. Homeowners love concrete pools because they allow for customized options for size, shape, design, and depth.

Concrete pools are made inground and have to be created after placing plumbing and a foundation that contains the pool water. The concrete shell is attached with lining and smoothened with plaster, tiles, pebbles, or paint that removes the roughness from the concrete. When a pool is not given the extra layer, it becomes a risk for scrapes and possibly worse injuries.

Skim Your Pool

Having an outdoor pool is fun but requires taking care of it. You’ll probably have to deal with leaves, insects, and debris. It would be best if you tried to remove these as soon as you can to prevent algae, circulation problems, and infections in your pool. To avoid this type of problem, you can invest in a pool enclosure or use a skimmer to clean the pool’s surface or get the large debris deep into the bottom of the pool.

Pool enclosures are made with durable fiberglass. This allows the family to enjoy the poolside without worrying too much about the external conditions. Here are some of the benefits that come with pool enclosures.

Benefits Of Pool Enclosures

Better Comfort

Pool enclosures are great for maximizing enjoyment and relaxation. When you own a pool enclosure, you are able to unwind and relax without having to worry about things falling into your pool. Another great thing about pool cages is that they are customizable, so you can get one that fits your personal preferences. Pool enclosures are a sign of the good life and help families make lasting memories.

Improved Safety And Security

While Texas is known for its bright days, the sun is responsible for many skin problems due to its harmful UV rays. Keep your loved ones protected while they enjoy some outdoor fun. All in all, pool cages keep people cool and comfortable.


If you have neighbors that decide against pool enclosures, you’ll probably see them cleaning dirt and other debris from their concrete pool. This makes owning a pool more of a burden. Pool enclosures reduce your cleaning time in increase your time of enjoyment. Essentially, a pool enclosure can make your pool as low-maintenance as possible. Your pool’s filter will have an easier time doing its job, so it’s a win-win all around.

Still, Check And Clean Your Filter

Pool Plaster Company in Missouri City

Pool Plastering Company in MIssouri City

Even though a pool enclosure makes it easier to keep up with your pool’s maintenance, that doesn’t mean you should forget to take care of your filter. Moreover, sometimes regular cleaning is not enough to really clean your pool. So when the time comes, you should talk to one of the professional Missouri City TX Pool Plaster Companies.

A professional pool company will be able to help you keep your pool in the best shape, and that will probably mean acid washing. A professional acid wash is a great way of dealing with an algae infestation, which can lead to nasty stains. With that said, there are some negative effects that come with acid washing, so only opt for this procedure when the stains are not removed with other methods.

Enjoy Your Pool. We’ll Take Care Of The Rest.

Owning a pool should be fun and relaxing, and that’s where JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. comes in. Get in touch at your earliest convenience and see for yourself why we’re one of the premier Missouri City TX Pool Plaster Companies.

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  • The area is located in Fort Bend County
  • Missouri City’s estimated population is 74,497
  • Home to the luxurious community of Lake Olympia

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