Picturesque: Give Your Pool the Cover Model Treatment

January 23rd, 2023

When watching a movie, especially one set in Hollywood, it’s not uncommon to see people having a pool party. It’s also not uncommon to wish you’d been invited because their pools always look amazing. The unique designs, decorations, and landscaping are so eye-catching it immediately draws your attention.

While you may believe that it’s just a special effect, having a pool of your own that turns heads and gets people talking is attainable. When setting out to develop a design or even remodel a pool oasis that’s fit for the silver screen, there are a few ways to make it uniquely you.

Picturesque: Give Your Pool the Cover Model Treatment

Step into your own unique slice of paradise with a remodeled pool.

A Pool Designed For You

One of, if not the most common design is a rectangular pool. While that may seem dull, with a bit of imagination you can easily transform it into a small patch of paradise suitable for relaxation or having friends over.

No matter the swimming pool design or if it’s an indoor pool or an in-ground pool, there are ways to create something unique with your pool area.

A simple way to achieve this is by giving your pool a colored design.

Most pools are white or beige, which is fine but definitely not what you’re looking for. Sprucing it up with something more lively can help you achieve more of a Caribbean feel that breathes life when you dive in.

You can also add coping colors or designs around the pool’s exterior. This will help separate the pool itself and its edges, allowing the shape of the pool to really pop. Coping also has the added benefit of disguising scum rings, preventing the pool’s concrete shell from cracking, and preventing skin burns on hot days.

To incorporate a transition that perfectly shifts from yard to pool, you can lay gravel around the edges leading to the surrounding patio. Gravel that’s a different color than the patio adds additional texture and style to your outdoor area.

You want it to feel like stepping from your backyard into a tropical location when you walk out to your pool. Flowers, shrubbery, or even palm trees can help to create this atmosphere, with landscape lighting furthering that effect. Additionally, water features can create a powerful experience when developing a specific mood.

When designing the pool of your dreams, the possibilities are endless. With a little creative vision, you can have something that’s fit for parties or a day relaxing in the sun.

Picturesque: Give Your Pool the Cover Model Treatment

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